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Hey progprog. Do you have any advice for me, in post # 22385? Thanks.
I'm pretty sure the 6800 does support it, since it has a DVI out and VGA out. I couldn't find anything in the settings to verify, though. The process I am doing, is I'm unplugging the DVI cable that goes from my monitor to my video card. I'm then putting my DVI to HDMI cable in that end.
I just got the DVI to HDMI cable. I connected it from my video card on my PC, to my TV, but I'm not getting anything.I tried a few different HDMI ports.I know one of the ports works for sure, as I've used it before.Any advice? Thanks.This is the cable I'm using.http://www.amazon.com/Premium-High-R...pr_product_topMy video card is an Nvidia GeForce 6800.Is there some configuration I have to do?
Hi, I have the Pioneer PRO-111FD TV. I want to connect my PC to my TV. Can I use a DVI to HDMI cable? The instruction manual suggests using the RGB input on the TV. My video card has a DVI out. Is this the right cable? http://www.amazon.com/6FT-Dvi-To-HDm.../dp/B001IWOBXG And do I need another cable to transmit audio? The instruction manual suggests a 3.5mm to stereo input on the TV. But instead of using their suggested PC audio input, can I use the RCA inputs on...
Here is the conversation history, from back in Feb. 24th:
Just an update on this: So I called Pioneer, and they gave me the number of a few service centers. I called the first one, but it turned out they weren't licensed to work on Pioneers for the time being, as they were in some contract negotiations. I called the 2nd one, and the tech said he would call Pioneer to get more information on the problem, then call me back to set up an appointment. Well, he called a few days later, and we set up an appointment a week from that...
Thanks. Why is the TV mad at me? I thought I treated it so nicely. Hopefully it turns into nothing tomorrow.
I've been studying the black bars very critically for the past few weeks, and you are right. They are perfect. :-)
Today was the first time I've noticed it, I don't think it's happened before. The clicking occurs 3-4 times a second.
The electronics. It could be the fan. Anything I can do to make it stop?
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