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How does everyone know this (the Pro-111FD for example) is the 9th generation? Where can we find that information?
I mean SD TV signals. The source is a Motorola cable box / DVR provided by Comcast. Right now, I've been happy with Performance, haven't tried the other settings too much. Some of the latter replies in this thread seem to use Pure. What are some differences people notice between Performance and Pure? And about the buzzing, I don't hear much of a buzz. However, I think the cable box / DVR is VERY loud, and much louder than the TV.
Another question I have is that what are some concrete, real-world instances that people have noted in which the Pro-111FD did something better than other TVs? For example, in D-Nice's review, he noted specific scenes and chapters from movies. What are some other peoples' experiences?
I have the Pioneer Elite PRO-111FD. What are the best settings for Standard Definition? I didn't change much from the default. I set it to "Performance". Maybe this already is the best, but I just wanted to read other people's opinions.
I was thinking about the warranty, but approximately $450 for 4 years total warranty didn't seem worth it to me.
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