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It's not so much about the work the passive filters have to do, but the advantage to using the active, digital filter network in the AV receiver, is that a passive solid state crossover (caps and chokes) in your speaker adds phase shift and various delays to the circuit while at the same time bleeding some power from the amplifier in the process. With a digital crossover network, you don't introduce any parasitic power loss, nor do you introduce any issues with...
how much is one of those custom plates with the matching shelf unit? (I thought about using these with my own CFR2136 a while back)
This isn't the thread for debating HDMI 2.0. You're both off topic. Kindly take this discussion to the appropriate thread, or start a new one, please? Thank you.
contact onkyo tech support?
Got it figured out. To change radio preset stations in zone two, you have to press the zone2 button, then immediately press the direction wheel left or right. repeat this process for each station change.
newly arrived from OneCall.
On the Onkyo NR*010 AV receivers, how do you select the FM radio station when using the separate zone 2 tuner? So far all I can figure out how to do is change volume, and turn zone 2 on, off, and select source.
I have the Sanus CFR2136 36U rack, and absolutely love it. No issues, and it's affordable, as racks go. Particularly if you want one with side and back panels, and a glass front door. I priced a MA rack of similar design and was looking at four times the cost for essentially the same product, and I'd have had to assemble it all myself, whereas the Sanus arrived at my door fully assembled, for well under four figures.
with your budget and weight constraints, I'd look at the TX=NR3010, or switch from dedicated class A or A/B amps to class D amps, and cut the weight down to about 30 lbs from what can range from 50lbs to 1009lbs for the big class A/B and pure A amps. If you're looking for 9.x or 11.x you'll need the 3010 or 5010. If all you need is 7.x or 5.x, stick with the 1010, or even a step down to the 828 or 818. I personally own an NR1010, but I only have 7.2 in my front room, so...
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