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For the record, we came to the conclusion it in all likelyhood wouldn't. It's very similar to a known issue reported on the x007 owners thread.Every time there's another happy ending post, CZ drinks another beer too....but only AFTER!
I'm glad you found something potentially useful as most of my rant was misdirected, sorry. Without something forcing an HDMI audio stream - albeit a null one - my '576 would take a fraction of a second to 'wake up' (would miss brief sounds altogether). I don't know if my S/PDIF behaves similarly.
For pure reproduction and signal-to-noise-ratio reasons I swear by staying 100% digital (ignoring the obvious speaker pre/amp). However, I don't own a high end sound card which also made it easier for me to justify investing in a HTPC friendly video card. I started off passing different formats to the AVR for decoding but for simplicity, now have it being done before leaving the PC. Also, at times when simple TV speakers will suffice, my AVR is set to 'pass-thru' the HDMI...
Yeah, you bad poster...we thought you forgot to unplug the AVR first...or put the caps in backwards and they exploded...etc Can you post or PM a pic of the distortion as well as elaborate on the conditions ( HDMI input only or upscaling too; audio flawless ? ) ? Bittersweet news nonetheless
Most excellent effort both for keeping that factory look and providing the results. Picture #2 seems to be under the influence of item #3 You're welcome and any cooling tips are too!Again, so nice to hear, and instructions were tweaked thanks to feedback
Thanks for sharing; it's necessary to weigh the pros/cons of repair vs replace. If someone does 'adopt' the retired unit, we might see the owner here someday. cheers
Woohoo! spare parts for mine and if I leave now, I could be there within a week (ok, i'm not actually eligible)....at least you can't be accused of not having been thorough, and in the end put it into perspective; it's not an 8xx unit we're talking about here. Enjoy the new toy and RIP to the ol' 576.
My appologies as I should have qualified the suggestion with conditions and by recalling my experience; my unit would initially start to act up from a cold start, then progressively longer warmups would be required. By the time I repaired it, I only got it to work with a little extra help. On the premise that you would only do this for a limited time (and not while pushing any watts to the speakers) it shouldn't be overly stressful. It would have been wiser to suggest...
I think it's possible since the doubling of bandwidth could push the board over the edge (power consumption jump, etc). Sadly, I didn't experiment with lower rez prior to fixing mine. Try covering the '576 vents for 10-20 minutes all the while attempting to get sync'd. It could verify the theory if it actually manages to.Something (like a flat blade screwdriver being twisted; wrap with tape to avoid gouging the verticle board) can be used as a wedge between the two boards...
and hopefully we can help more towards the latter soon...Ship me that 5oz board instead, lol. Seriously, I don't remember ever reading about an example of an outright purchase - just people reporting the 'replaced for' quotes/bills. Also FWIW, most if not all are reporting symptoms that set in gradually as opposed to 'sudden death'. PM sent to golffnut to get specifics for this case; will share with thread anything relevent...
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