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So with the price point for the 70", as long as the performance is decent or close to what Vizio is touting, I think this TV will shake up the market. Granted its no R-series TV, but $2,600 for 70" TV (and that's not street pricing) that could have decent performance / great performance, where else can you get the same cost/performance ratio? I really hope this TV performs and it slaps the other TV manufactures in the face and helps bring down pricing on these other...
The AVS HD calibration disc from this forum is what I always use. Free and it has everything you need. Why pay for one?
I still have the quote for the studio series that I contemplated buying. It was $100 dollars per speaker for piano black. I think the other fancy colors might be more, but at least I can confirm for piano black its only $100 per speaker.
$100 per speaker in the Bay Area, California
Any recommendations on how to secure the TV/screen for a move? We are selling our place and trying to buy another and im a little worried about the TV as the screen has some give to it already. Or is this something I don't have to worry about?
Ok.Just seemed the way everyone was talking in the Emotiva thread (and the Emotiva president) made it seem hdmi 2.0 was still not nailed down and there was yet a chip to handle full 10 or 12 bit and be HDCP 2.2 compliant which is what hdmi 2.0 requires. If these TVs have chips on board able to handle it all, especially the TV's coming with 10bit panels, then I'm very happy.Link to Emotiva thread:http://emotivalounge.proboards.com/thread/35688/word-hdmi-2-xmc-1
Question, So what I gathered from CES is all these new 4k tvs will come with hdmi 2.0. Today, emotiva announced their new pre/pro won't come with a chip that is hdmi 2.0 compliant as those chips are not expected to be released / mass produced by the end of this year. So I Was originally excited to get a new TV this year, but after hearing from different sources that a full hdmi 2.0 spec compliant chip won't be out till later this year what's the point? I was really...
If they are saying that hdmi 2.0 compliant chips wont be out till later this year, how are all these 4k tvs supposedly being released this year with hdmi 2.0? Am I crazy and I just assumed these new tvs from Vizio, Sony, and Panasonic etc.. had hdmi 2.0 but, none of these tvs actually have it on board?
I just want to say that after reading a chunk of this thread, I feel confident enough to buy one of these: http://cross-spectrum.com/measurement/calibrated_umik.html Time to see how bad my room response is. I really want to thank you guys for all your hard work and thanks to everyone that comes into this thread and helps us new guys dial everything in. Hope to have it ordered in a week or two.
The listing seems odd. The flagship 950B is only in 65 and 85 inches but the site shows 55 and 65 only. They also don't show the 900B series and skip to the 850B. Seems odd but maybe Sony is releasing a 55 inch 950B model and they just don't have the rest of the info on the other tvs yet....? maybe....?I really want to know the pricing on the 85 inch 950B and the 70+ inch 900B series.
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