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What's not cool? I posted the link and said it was a CNET article. Not everyone is going to find it so I posted it on here for everyone to read. Thanks for posting and contributing nothing to this thread.
Before my current job, I would never have talked about considering 4k or OLED as options for myself. But, I got the green light from the wife so I'm looking to splurge a little.Lets hope something good comes out of CES 2014. Three more weeks!!
It's 67 inches. It has treated me well for the past 6 years.
Click here to read the original CNET article by David KatzmaierPhoto credit: SamsungSo what do you guys think? My Sammy LED DLP is showing signs of having issues with its light engine. I was hoping to wait for OLED, but am debating on a TV this year. I'm interested to see what comes out of CES 2014. I would love a 90inch LED 4k as long as it was between $4,000 and $6,000, but the PQ has to be damn good. I can't justify spending that much for size and 4k if my Panny g25 in...
Exciting. I want one !
I was hoping to find an active optical audio splitter like this one: http://www.octavainc.com/toslink%20a...0splitter.html But here in America. Anyone know of one? I have the basic splitter but only one of my components gets the signal as my other piece of equipment doesn't receive the signal because it was weakened. I have looked everywhere but no luck yet.
There has been rumors that with 3d bundled release in a few months that actually has some extras there will also be a new 2d release with the extra content. It is said this release could have a DTS-MA audio track. Of course this is a rumor but from what the movie industry has done in the past, this wouldn't surprise me.
Just wanted to say thank you for making another disc for us to enjoy and show off our theaters. I have yet to invest in a bluray burner as dual layer blurays are still too expensive (artificial held up to keep them that way). So I purchased the disk as I feel you deserve a little for your time and effort. Thanks again!
Thanks for the replies guys. Seems like room treats and an amp are the way to go. I'll have to take pics of everything when I am done. This thread needs more pictures
So like nanoook, I too the other day was thinking what else I could do to my setup to get better sound. I am going to start with room acoustics (panels and bass traps) and hope to get wifey approval. Besides that I was thinking of an amp like the XPA5. My question is would I hear a difference with an amp since I have a Onkyo 5007 powering my 5.2 setup? I have the front bi-amped so they are getting between 200-300 watts (theatrically). Just looking for opinion on an...
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