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I'm surprised that mits has not gone with LED lighting like samsung did before it got out of the DLP market. I love my 67 inch led dlp and think if mits went this way with a darkstar (or multiple) chip these sets would have plasms and some led lcds working hard for their money. Guess mits has to have it reasons though to want to keep that color wheel.
Now if mitsu can redo its dlp line with LED's like Samsung did with the new darkstar chips, it will easily compete with led lcd's and plasmas. Plus the led dlp's will be bigger!
for that much, you could have a mice Sim2 projector and 120+ inch screen... so why?
This is a +
not to resurrect an old thread but I am having a problem (I think) with my Panamax M4300-PM Power Manager. I was just given one of these and I hooked everything up. Plugged it in and I notice that it hums..... Is this normal for a unit like this? I don't know if its considered a loud hum or if its normal but its loud to me. Might be as loud as my plasma... And its the unit that hums, not my speakers or anything. Just curious. I'll try to post a audio file it. Video:...
wow, this little thread ballooned now didn't it. Glad some people are getting some help. Thanks again guys!
nicely put Pete. It can be said for all the subs in the shootout that not all of them were tested in the various modes that each sub can perform in. In the one particular area they were tested in, the vtf-15h wasn't as favorable as the others. But you got to remember that the other subs cost a lot more. For the price, the vtf is one hell of a subwoofer and when experimenting with the other modes and EQ, you can get this sub to go as deep as most of them. Thanks again Pete...
some stores still sell it for $22 dollars. For example, target sells it now for $22.99. I must of gotten it on "sale" at target lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by scovarrubias23 That is exactly what I was thinking! I was just a little concerned after reading the the Audioholics review. It just seemed negative. Don't be worried. They tested it only in 2 ports opened mode and didn't even mess with the EQ setting on the sub. This sub will put smiles on your face.
WARNING Beware of the new movie RED. Summit studios has released two version of the bluray movie. One is a movie only version with only a dd5.1 sound track and a video bitrate of (BD25): 25779 kbps. The special addition has a DTS-MA sound track and a video bitrate of (BD50): 28024 kbps. You are getting an inferior version if you buy the "movie only" version. They do not state these changes clearly on the box. I was duped into the movie only version thinking i was...
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