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I think it was a good review. People need to realize that it was done with two ports open. Just imagine what possible results the reviewer could of gotten with 1 port closed. OR like Dr. HSU says you can do, over damped mode: 1 port closed but the switch on the amp set to two ports open for more spl but still a bottom end. I can't talk about the EQ knob setting as I don't have this sub but I bet it would make for even more fine tuning. Thats the great thing about these...
I went back and forth just like you. Just went with the 52's. Only difference is the mid range size and honestly with all my speakers set at 80Hz or 70Hz and my LFE up to 120, I knew I wasn't going to hear the difference. Save the money.
Quote: Originally Posted by the Son LOVE my 5008. Time will tell if it does what I want it to. It is an experimental purchase for me to see if the isf adjustments work better than the Mits isf adjustments. I can't see how they could be worse. The 2009 Mits calibration capabilities suck. bad. I just hit break-in hours on the new lamp, so hopefully I'll get a chance this weekend to check out the 5008's isf features. you will love them
Again, thank you guys so much. been a great help. This is why I love this forum.
Question, if I have my 4 port wireless router and I hook up a 8 port switch to one of the ports on the router; this would give me 11 LAN ports. My question is can I hook up a second switch to another port on the router for 8 more ports with out issues?
see, that was the info i was looking for. I couldn't find the technical info about if i hooked a switch into one of hte lan ports of my primary router if the devices on the switch would all get assigned ip's and get internet access. Thank you!
So, I have an Linksys WRT54G. Its wireless but also has 4 lan ports. I like having wireless along with hard wiring stuff like my AVR, desktop computers, and gaming consoles. Problem is there are only 4 ports and there are no wireless routers that have more. So what do I do? I know my motherboard has two lan/network connections on the back. I was thinking about adding a 16 port switch to the second either-net connection on my motherboard and connecting everything...
Or run everything through a 3d capable AVR and just run the 1 out hdmi through this adapter into the TV. SOLVED... all your sources on the adapter are now 3d capable if that is what you want.
I had someone from this forum come and calibrate my unit. Sadly, its the best its going to get with the over scan. Well, until I heal from this surgery and someone can come over and help me with taking off the back of the TV. Just got the service manual and am going to try to adjust somethings
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