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My Paradigm subwoofer ps-1200 v3 is acting up. I have never turned it above 1/4th of the way since I bought it used. Happened very suddenly within 1-3 days. It's making this thudding and sometime weird screeching noise that goes along with whats playing but no LFE. Maybe the surround needs re foaming ? edit: looks like the surround is completely separated from the driver. The surrounds looks to be in good condition so maybe I will just find out how to glue it back to the...
Here's another photo on the same side as the first photo. My dealer is contacting Paradigm and I am just waiting now.
Just bought a brand new Paradigm studio cc-690 v5 in Piano Black from an authorized dealer. There is a bunch of scratches on the corners of the speakers and a few more spots with imperfection. To the people who had the same quality control issue a few months back, what did paradigm do / say ? A few marks would have been fine but there's quite a bit all over my speaker. I'm pretty disappointed that I spent this much on one single speaker only to have this problem.
A pair of monitor 9 v3 in very good condition. No damages / dents to the drivers. Body is 8/10. One of the speaker terminal port is loose but doesn't affect performance. You can listen before purchase. Price $300 is FIRM. No shipping. I am located in Los angeles / Baldwin Park.
Is a 30 percent discount easily attainable ? I don't want to wait for a cc-690 to pop up for sale anymore...
$400 is insane. It is $100 here too in Los Angeles so its probably a set price from Paradigm.
Most important equipment for audio is SPEAKERS LOL. My crown xls drivecore amp > yours
$100-150 is not much to get started since he never had a real system before. It's enough for a solid 2.0 system and once he wants to upgrade, he can easily hand it to someone else or keep it as a secondary system.here is some solid bookshelf speakers. Note that some of them is sold in singles so make sure to look carefully...
It's actually pretty easy if you can find a nice pair of speakers on craigslist. I would omit the sub for now. There is also a lot of bookshelf speakers from Infinity, polk, pioneer, etc for under $100 that should sound better than any logitech speakers. Get this amplifier: http://www.amazon.com/LP-2020A-Lepai-Tripath-Class-T-Amplifier/dp/B0049P6OTI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1393192805&sr=8-2&keywords=lepai
Does anyone have experience going from a studio cc v2 to a cc-690 ? I am using Studio 100 v2 as phantom center channel its much better than using the studio cc v2 center. I have a studio cc v2 but I don't even use it as it loses the dynamics and just doesn't sound as good. It just sounds small when most of the sounds is coming from the center speaker. Voice are too localized and boxy. I do feel like the vocals are a bit clearer and sounds more proper when using a...
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