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Thanks for the suggestions. I managed to just squeeze it in next to the centre speaker .
Had an offer the above amp which I couldn't refuse. However I forgot to check shelf space. Doh! I am now considering standing it on its side on the floor. Has anyone done this? Thanks, Alex
I am using a Yamaha RXV-A820. The AVR is connected to the internet so checks it's firmware regularly. Your suggestion on using DVI to the TV and then HDMI to the avr is a good suggestion. I'll have a think about it though it does mean one more cable.
I have passthru mode turned off.
I did some more experimenting and what I found was that when the TV is on the AVR won't appear as a sound output device but when the TV is off the AVR will then appear as a sound output device. So strange.
On display settings the Yamaha does not appear as a display device.
Well I can play commercial BlurRay titles with no problem from the HTPC to the screen.
Unfortunately, Samsung is to old to have ARC.Cheers,Alex
Been having this problem which has been bugging me no end. My current setup is PC > Yamaha AVR > TV. All via HDMI. The problem is that audio is only output to the AVR when the TV is on. If the is TV off or switched off during playback the sound cuts out or doesnt play at all. At first I thought it was the Video drivers ( On HDMI on the Intel DG45ID) )on the PC so I just tried a Nvidia GT610 and encounter the same issue. Grrr I would love someone to have a simple answer so...
Hi Guys, Has anyone found that they have to reset their receiver every so often? I find that I have to reset the power to receiver as the app does not detect the receiver. I'm using the YWA-10 wireless adapter as well but the problem is not with that as I have another device that is plugegd into that and it keeps working fine. Thanks, Alex
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