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Makes sense, and that is how Denon explained it. It caught me by surprise at first. Thanks.
It's hard to explain I suppose. I can't listen to it much above 0. However, the max setting seems to vary based upon what your speaker selections are. I just called Denon support and spoke with them about this. They seem to think it is by design, and that anything over 0 is just headroom. That headroom varies based upon what your speaker settings are (IE - large, small, levels, etc.). I still find it a little odd. If I crank the volume knob all the way to the right, I'd...
All, I have the 889. Before I enabled my sub in the speaker settings the max volume for the receiver was 20dB. Now, it's 6.5dB (with the mains set to large). When I set the mains to small it decreases further to -2dB. Bug or feature? Thanks. Edit - Actually, the max volume seems to change based upon what the volume level was set at when I entered the settings. Seems more like a bug to me. Can anyone confirm?
Thanks for all the replies!
What's the main difference between the LFM-1 Plus and the HSU? They damn near look identical.
My main concern about the Epic is the corner placement I'm planning on. I'm not sure how that will affect the dual woofers. I'm also looking at the FV12 sub. I have a silly concern with that one - the large hole in the front that I'm sure my kids will stuff a toy in to. How easy is it to get stuff out of there?
What about a Rythmik FV12?
An obsession with tinkering? Actually, I read a post about a bug in MultEQ that results in overblown bass on DTS bitstreams. Looks like mine is affected, and I wouldn't mind fixing that.
Sure it is.. with the right connector, and popping the cover. Anyone have the firmware?
Anyone have the latest firmware for the AVR-889? I'm looking to update mine. Thanks.
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