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I found a solution for my Harmony One. You need to have the Harmony learn the left/right/up/& down functions from the MCE remote. Initially when I tried it there was no difference in performance. However after looking through the Logitech Forums I found a post where a guy said that when "Learning" the buttons it required a VERY quick key press. I had been deliberate before when pressing the keys so ran through the process again. Apparently the Vista MCE remote that...
By selecting screen mirroring on the TV and the Fire. Works well although a slight delay from what is happening on the tablet to what is happening on the TV. Visually looks very good.
The latest update must have also addressed screen mirroring problems. I can now successful mirror my Kindle Fire HDX with my 550....
Do your media streaming settings under Network and Sharing allow for remote connections?
I suppose if you want to capture what you say you are seeing, then pause the content and take a picture of actual content. I think it is unrealistic to expect that a display will properly handle blacks and lighting if there is no content for the video processor to handle.
This is certainly no way to judge the performance of a display. In effect you have turned off all signal processing and the display is dimming to dark. It is not representative of what the set is capable of displaying.
From the description of your setup, you will need to use optical cables from the TV to your receiver to get 5.1. Another option if your BD player has optical out, would be to run directly from your BD player to the receiver to get 5.1 audio. The Sony TV will indeed send 5.1 audio from the optical output.
Great deal on your 70". Many hours of enjoyment ahead.
Turned on the 70 R550 this afternoon and was greeted with a message that an update was available. I chose to install now and it finished rather quickly. I checked to make sure that the update had saved my previous settings and it had. Now it probably is my imagination, but to my eyes the contrast seems to have increased a bit.
If you are talking about the actual screen and not the bezel, LCD screens are almost never resistant to pressure unless they have a glass/plastic protective cover. It is never a good idea to push in on a LCD screen that is not protected. Damage to the individual cells can occur. You might end up with stuck or dead pixels. I would proceed with caution...
New Posts  All Forums: