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Amazon and BB have this title on sale for $19.99.
Thanks for the replies. The tricks I tried, the up-up-down-down..etc, cutting the power to the tv while the netflix app is up and trying to connect, manual DNS setting None of those options worked last night but the Netflix app is working today. Even though I performed the up-up-down-down trick I did not have to log back into my account once Netflix started to work again. So all is well for now. Also, my dns setting is set for automatic again. Interesting that...
Anyone having problems with the GT50's Netflix App lately? I can't connect.
^Streaming 3D content via Vudu or Netflix works differently than playing a 3D movie via disc. Dual 1080p streams are used for disc's. Not the case with Netflix and Vudu 3D. I would bypass your Denon and see what happens as well, to start.
^ The fp1 will not show minutes on battery life. I dont know about the gw55 owners manual but the gw77 manual states that when using the fp1 time remaining will not be displayed.
Ehh...sorry guys it's a 500 sq. ft. family room. Call it a senior moment. Whats the difference in sound between these two..sealed vs. ported?
Which of these models would be better for 50/50 HT and music. I have a 2500 sq.ft.room.
^What happens if you send the True HD audio as PCM rather than bitstream to your AVR?
Thanks. I think I will purchase it for the price. The whole family liked the 2D version and are fans of Monstors Inc as well, and from reviews that I have read the 3D version is better. Not so much for pop-out (they state there are a couple of good ones), but for the depth and better colors mostly. I'll report my thoughts on the movie after viewing. It does have a 7.1 soundtrack as well, which sounded quite good on the 2D version.
Has anyone seen Monstors University in 3D yet? It has high reviews from blu-ray.com. I saw the 2d version and it looked stunning! Thinking about getting the 3D version since Costco has it for $23.99 right now.
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