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I have a Jamo x8 sub and am wondering if i can do something to improve it. For one it doesn't go very low, only maybe 30hz before it starts to really drop off, second it's really not as tight as i would like it. I took the plate amp off the back to take a look inside and found that there was very little damping material used, the entire inside was lined with that wavy foam stuff. So i filled it with poly fill and that did help tighten it up a bit. So i'm thinking...
Sandy, obviously the triton twos are designed to be used with the cloth on, but what should we expect if we like to see our drivers.
I'm looking to get the Paradigm S8's as i have heard them and like them a lot however i was under the impression of a 5400ish price tag. Well obviously that was for the v2. The v3 are significantly higher. I have been checking forums, ebay, audiogon and can't find a trace of anyone selling v2's. Anybody have any ideas?
Sure could
Yamaha rx-v1400 as preamp/ custom Coldamp classd power amplifier. Well its connected with a mini-plug to rca's right now.
Right now i play all my music with my Onix xcd-88. What kind of gear would i have to get to be able to play FLAC from my pc with the same quality of the cd-player. I have went through an av710 and an emu-0202 and neither of them come close to the quality of my cd-player.
haha thanks
Is there anyone in the Des Moines area that would be willing to let me listen to your minis?
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