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Is anyone having reception problems with Center Ice? The channels are pixelating really bad, it's fast forwarding, then repeating just one loop of commercial over and over. Other channels the audio is messed up. It's been three days now. We've booted the box twice a night. Last night it effected every channel in the package. Tonight it's still happening to two. Not as many games on tonight, so hard to tell. The TWC chat and calling have been useless, all they keep doing is...
Sorry, I believe the hard drive size was 320
Sure, Samsung DVR is model SNTH3090. Lady that gave it to us said it was brand new. Anyone on the sound issue?
We just plugged into digital/HD this last week with a new Samsung dvr box. Sometimes we notice the sound dropping. Last night before 9 pm it was dropping every 4 minutes for 1 to 4 seconds on TNTHD. It drops on WCNCHD and FOXHD and SPEEDHD that we have noticed, and crackles on the music channels. We changed the cable from the TV to the Box, same thing. Don't feel it's the tv it's new with the latest firmware. This was not happening the week before when we watched the HD...
New Posts  All Forums: