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Giant Infinity HPS-1000 (very rare). Frequensy response 18-120 Hz Amplifier power: 1000 Watts 15" downfiring woofer 2 15" passive radiators This monster weighs about 100 pounds and is 21-7/8 x 20-7/16 x 23-13/16". Oh yeah....and it works.....terrifying experience! There is a scratch on a top (see the second picture). And that tiny thing to the left on the last picture is a CD jewel case (just to give you a prospective). Local pickup in Connecticut/New England)
All sold and gone.
Still for sale...
I have to apologize to those who sent me messages: apparently there is a limit of 2 messages a day I can send. So please be patient and I will respond as soon as system lets me.
Marantz MA-500U power amplifiers. - $100 each. (6 available) Continuous power output (RMS) 8 Ohm 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Hi, I have a Rotel RX-1050 stereo receiver and it developed a weird problem: when I change volume manually display shows no change (or plus-minus couple dB). But when I use remote volume works just fine. Does anyone have service manual or any idea what kind of potentiometer is used there? Thanks
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