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jdsmoothie,That worked to get my network issues, and persistant update retries sorted out. Thanks!Any suggestions on fixing my sudden lack of output on the left front? As I mentioned, I've checked cables, speakers, multiple sources, everything I can think of and can get at.Thanks.
Hi there everyone. I've had my 4308ci working well for a couple years not but just ran into an issue yesterday. My wife mentioned that the left speaker wasn't working and that my son had been pushing a lot of buttons. I only have a 2 channel setup. Nothing coming from the left channel regardless of source. check cables, swap sides, etc. Confirmed, nothing from the left. Display was showing "Please wait......Update retry" shortly after a power up, and then it changes...
Just wondering if the ES6100 has any sort of channel guide? All I can figure out is to press "info" on the remote which brings up information only about the current channel that I'm on. If I press to the right, I can see what is coming up but again, only the channel I'm on. Is there a complete channel guide that I'm overlooking? Thanks.
I've got a UN40ES6100. Firmware is the latest, 1025. I have my time set to "auto" and my time zone set to central, which is where I'm located. When I press info, the time displayed in the upper right is an hour ahead of my time. Anybody else have this issue? I can "fix" it by changing my time zone but that's not a real solution. Where does the time actually come from? Thanks.
I just found out what was wrong.I noticed that when I pressed info, the time (in the upper right corner) was wrong. It was off by a couple hours. That seemed strange as it was supposed to be updating that automatically. I went into the settings and it was set to "manual".I changed that to "auto" which updated the time to the correct time and gave me the right arrow in the guide back to see upcoming shows.
Does the ES6100 have any sort of channel guide? Wen I press "info" it comes up with info about the currently showing program. Is it possible to get info about upcoming shows?
Thank you!
Is there a way to delete unwanted channels? I checked in the menus but couldn't find that function. During my initial setup, it did a channel scan. Some stations broadcast the same thing on multiple channels and I don't want to flip past those every time. Thanks.
Just wondering if anybody has recommendations on Harmony One remote delay settings for a UN40ES6100? I've been trying power on settings between 5 and 8 seconds but the tv doesn't always wind up on the correct input. If I try the same activity again (once its powered on) there's no problem. Thanks.
I've had a 2910 for quite a while now but just got a new TV so I can use the HDMI out. It's not working though. I ran an HDMI cable from the 2910 to my TV (Samsung UN40ES6100) HDMI input. The TV never recognizes it, and the DVD player display just keeps flashing HDMI 480 (or any other setting) in the lower right corner. The manual states that the flashing means it's trying to connect. I've done a factory reset to defaults but no change. Neither of the HDMI settings...
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