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Well, the author is clearly Barry Ober, who I believe used to contribute to this thread. Can't vouch for his credentials, but it appears they are fairly extensive (and readily available online, unlike his newfound critics ). Why not email him and get his response?
I had experimented for some time using just the F112's low pass filter (trying to match the rolloff of my mains) but was never satisfied with the result when compared to what my preamps could do; but at the time my focus was on blending, not localization. My preamps have both been fixed to 12dB slopes (previously a McIntosh C39 and now an Emotiva XSP-1). The problem was (based on the best of my relatively limited understanding) that I was trying to match my ported mains...
Some localization of the sub is probably unavoidable when crossed over so high. But, I've also had problems with a single F112 crossed at 80 (with 12dB slope). It wasn't until I added a second F112 that the problem was eliminated. I could notice it in pretty much any bass-heavy source.
Apart from B&M dealers, I believe there is only one possible online option - via Barry Ober: http://www.soundoctor.com/jlaudio.htm
Agreed, the F113 would likely not be suitable for anything over 130Hz. The F112, OTOH, is good up to 150 (and is in fact praised for it's unusually natural sound in the mid bass region).
Have a look at the manual and you can answer your own question: http://mediacdn.jlaudio.com/media/mfg/9013/media_document/live_1/f113_MAN.pdf?1305783847 You would need an external crossover (EDIT: and an F112, forgot the 113 was more limited) if you wish to set a low pass above 130Hz.
Bloop, If you have a bluray player or computer and can burn a DVD (or simply play the file), I suggest you save your money and just download the free test disc from AVS. I prefer it to the WOW disc: http://www.avsforum.com/t/948496/avs-hd-709-blu-ray-mp4-calibration The written directions are also available in PDF format from that link. This is a good basic procedure IME: 1. Set cell to 20 (not mandatory, but preferred for optimal performance) 2. Set brightness and...
IME, only extremely common reliability problems can become evident in a user thread such as this. Personally, I think we should be seeing a lot more failure reports if this is truly a common problem. Besides, you will never find a statistically valid subset of users reporting on an enthusiasts forum, so it's rare to be able to draw any sort of conclusion about any product. Only JL knows what their true failure rate is, and that's the way it will always be. AFAIK, the...
Yes, good news, Stephen. Thanks for the update. So I gather this was not a repair you could have done yourself; it required a visit to the service center?
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