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Okay, I searched the archives for this but couldn't find anything in this thread to answer: Usually I re-encode my videos, but yesterday I tried archiving a tv series DVD with 3 episodes into a single .iso file, for the sake of speed. On my Gen 1 WDTV, when I play back the file (pressing either play or select on the remote) only the first episode is played, and none of the other ones within the .iso file. Does the Gen 1 WDTV support multiple episodes in an .iso or not?...
Regarding Netflix HD: I shot an @ message to WDTVLive's twitter account several days ago asking them to clarify whether the WDTVL+ supports HD or just SD netflix, but they've not responded back. I would suggest that anybody with a twitter account and curiosity towards the issue should message @WDTVLive and ask. Remember, HD is not a guarantee with devices that support netflix, as in the case with the Nintendo Wii.
anybody know of anything special cooking with the WDTVLive? scott from WD (aka, scottwd) posted this on his twitter feed:either a PR event at some convention or a WDTVLive update are my guesses.
if you are fast forwarding and hit the 'next' button on your remote it will jump you forward 10 minutes.
but at the end of it all, the 3D tech is still just a single video stream, not 2 streams that are simultaneously cast, yes? so mkv will likely stand the test.
likely you won't be buying a tv with HDMI 1.4 for quite a while if a mere $120 price tag has you wondering about obsolescence, so i would say that you'll be finding usefulness in it for a while with the set you own. as for the matroska question: mkv itself is just a container. so long as 3D viewing doesn't require multiple bands of simultaneous video streams, i don't see why mkv would fall apart.
you can't fault a company for lack of playback for some setting when they clearly and explicitly state that they won't play it on the packaging itself.
Bugman, the primary issue keeping certain devices such as the WDTV Live from having Netflix capabilities has to do with licensing issues; namely, they haven't paid for one from Netflix to use the service, its features, or its highly recognizable name brand (which, though costly, could sell an incredible amount of units by itself). as these device companies assess feature sets based upon their MSRP (and they do so very tightly, as they are not as well financed as Microsoft...
ffmpegx is good, albeit abandoned in terms of development. the reason i would recommend it despite it not seeing updates in years is because it is perfectly fine for sd xvid content. mpegstreamclip is also really good for being free, and it handles xvid content without a hitch. if you have quicktime pro you could even export just as well through that application, so long as you have a codec pack like perian installed.
yuenzhi, i believe that the "GMC3" listing in your mediainfo report means that the file has 3 GMC warp points. if you look on the box of your WDTV, it states that GMC is not supported. you need to re-encode the files so that they do not utilize GMC.
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