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ok, so i figured it out. i was actually using a cheap hdmi cable that I received with my tv mount while my order of new ones arrived from monoprice. that was the issue, they were 'cheap'. i was getting an error on the blu-ray and didn't notice it. so i changed the hdmi cable out and works like a charm. been a week and no problems yet as I knock on some wood. however, I am having the same issue of the audyssey settings being to low.
so, after 5 weeks I finally received my unit. I come home set it up, start with the satellite, works fine, next is the oppo player, that works fine, next up blu-ray....and here the story begins. it still doesn't recognize the blu-ray connection. i'm really upset. i've spent 6 hours on this thing now and I have no idea what to do. the repair shop says blah blah blah works perfectly, you're good to go. not even 2 hours into it, it's f-ed up again. i'm fed up and going to bed.
simplepinoi177, thanks for the condolences. the thing is, when I took the unit to get repaired i specifically asked the tech if the board was backordered. he assured me it wasn't backordered and that the board would be ordered same day. here's hoping it doesn't take as long as your did. that must've been really tough. even my wife is asking when we're going to get it back and she was the one who was opposed to the whole surround system in the first place.
so it's been a little over three weeks now and I still have yet to receive my unit back. the first time i called up, the tech told me he was on vacation the previous week. the second time, i called he said call him in another week b/c he ordered the parts and they should be in by then. i finally called yesterday and he told me my parts didn't come in b/c they're backordered. so this time he told me to call in another week. i'm thoroughly perturbed about the whole...
I just took my receiver in to an authorized dealer here in NYC and he said it should take about 2 weeks. I was actually surprised considering everyone else's stories. I've actually had both problems. First, my HDMI inputs stopped working. So I said what the hell and listened to some music on the radio and then pop, my speakers went out. As soon as I heard it, I thought of you. I actually told the technician that the HDMI board needs to be replaced (FWIW I saw him write...
why is that? is the only way to view it on my computer to buy a dvr card and install it on my desktop? thanks for your help.
I don't mean to be dense but I didn't do that to connect the external drive to the dvr. I just connected it and it asked me to format. It completed formatting and I recorded the show. Is what you are asking me to do going to change how I copy it to my computer? Sorry.
Folks, I've read through this entire thread and I can't find anything that works. I've recorded a show that my wife and I were recently featured on that premiered on HGTV. We tried contacting them but they won't give us a copy of the show so I recorded it onto an external SATA drive from my Explorer 8000. I know it's definitely on there b/c when I disconnect it and try replaying it on the DVR, it says its not available. I'm trying to copy it onto my computer to save...
Just curious if anyone has ever heard of or has a CCTVSTAR SSA0412H. I haven't seen one being sold on any reputable site so I figured I'd ask. Also, not sure if this is the right place but could someone recommend a DVR for a Home Security System if the one above is no good? Thanks in advance.
thanks for all your great advice. one other question, if I do use a power conditioner would it eliminate emi (i think that's what it's called, from speaker lines being too close to electrical cables). I aven't run any wires yet but that is one of my main concerns with having a living used as a home theater as well. i will have many recessed lights and am concerned about that. For what it's worth, I started another thread about this and they said that I should use...
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