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Hi subyguy, nice theater room. I have a question...how much better are the Noesis 212HT over the triple 12? The reason i ask is because someone in this forum is sell them and i was thinking about getting them. Thanks Femi
thanks guys for the tips
Hi guys, which will be better? i can get the Martin Logan motion 40's open box for $340 less than the Sierra S2. Also i already have a sub. This will go into my movie theater. I will listen to music as well. Thanks for any you can provide. Femi
they are in good shape but they are missing the grill cover
Hi guys, Best Buy has the Martin Logan motion 40's open box for $1163.00. Is that a good deal? Thanks Femi
I mean sound wiseI mean sound wise.how about just the Sierra 1 for LCR?Thanks
hey guys do u think the S2's as LCR will go well with my JTR Orbit Shifter LFU? Also i am planing on adding another Orbit Shifter LFU. Thx
is that your real bedroom? or a bedroom convert to a mini theater.Either way it is nice
can't wait to see it.
Danley TH221
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