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I thought it was good and gave it a 4 out of 5 today. I think its worth the buy when the price come to its OG price when released around $14.99.
I did a review on a brand called hitlights where you can buy in strips or in 16' kits...that can be cut down. These are pretty much my only LED sets Ive tried except some rope lights from walmart. The ones in review seem pretty bright.
hmmm ok. I just chated with a tech from monoprice they said they dont recommend it. I think i will just go with the big 24 gauge cable
Thinking of getting a few of these cables and was wondering since they are directional can you run a blu-ray player to a reciver and the receiver to your TV with these? or only blu-ray player to TV?
you sure the disc wasn't all region....Zavvi.com list all its blu-ray as region B locked but a lot are region free...Here is a list from region B that are locked and or free Here also the tabs at the top can be changed to region C and A as wellHidefninja.com has better resources on this if your a member and ask for permission to be allowed to use there collection manager
thanks for the reply...
I have.....found one site posted but the company no longer makes the kit ...and only about 6 posts about region free kits in this entire 300 pages of thread
no attitude ...just want some one to help who has a region free kit not some one who will just look up on the internet and post a link of a site they never bought from and or have experienced with the product....thats a good way to get you card # stolen
hey hey ...bumb this...any one know .....Dumb uk steelbooks I got to have em...so i need it region free so i can watch ...if you dont have a region free kit dont reply
hello all im looking to make my player blu-ray region free...any one know of a trusted place also that works with the latest firmware update.....thanks ...can you pm me
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