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Sorry, the URL changed for this again - you can find it here: http://scienceman.com/pgs/blog_archive.php?id=1
I also have a Samsung Plasma 58" (PN58A550). Awesome TV, but sometimes I get the cracking sounds too. I don't think they are coming from speakers, they are random crackly noises that I believe are due to thermal expansion/contraction. Some days it worse than others, and almost always most noticeable when you first start watching. But then you can watch for hours and hear nothing, so it's a bit of a weird situation. I can live with it as is, but if it happened...
A quiet 3.5" drive is good suggestion, but I've still got to vote for the 2.5" drive, it will be even quieter. Yes, as clearly mentioned in the article, don't be messing with your unit unless you own it. And even if you own, understand that you are violating your warranty. The user unfriendlyness in regard to access and upgrading is disappointing in these units. It's too bad people have to live with rented noisy pvrs. Look at the PS3 - takes about 2 minutes to...
FYI - Been using my DCT3416 with the 2.5" laptop hard drive for a month now. Still dead silent, working perfectly. The URL for procedure has changed - it's right here: http://scienceman.com/pgs/blog_archive.php?id=1
NOT leased, I purchased it. As my tutorial clearly reads, if you're renting your unit, I wouldn't recommend messing with the hard drive. The speed of the drive is largely irrelevant. Even if it was a 4200 RPM, it would more than likely have a transfer rate far in excess of what is needed to keep up with the HD data stream. In the case of the drive I used, the Seagate ST9160310AS has a sustained internal transfer rate of 60.3 MB/s. Let's say, for argument's sake, that...
Hello all, Thanks for this forum, as a new PVR owner and digital cable subscriber, I'm finding everyone's posts very helpful. I got a new DCT3416 just a few days ago, but was disappointed with the noise it made. I thought others might be interested in my solution, so I took photos and described the whole process: PVR Too Noisy? ScienceMan Has the Cure! Cheers!
How badly did you break it? When I broke mine, it was just one of the "wings" on the back of the tab - I just used epoxy to fix it. I haven't re-inserted it though... I'll only do that if I need to bring it for service!
It's possible for a bad cable to cause this... have you tried swapping the cables?
The ethernet port is as dead a doornail. As is the SATA port. The red light means you have messages from your cable provider. they are usually spam. To read and delete them, go to your main menu and select "messages"
Have you guys with the poor picture tried a cable signal booster?
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