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Haven't you heard?"We ain't got nuthin' left, captain!"
Love having VUDU copies; I can download them to watch on my tablet on flights, in waiting rooms, etc. even with no wi-fi connection. However, I would never have only VUDU copies due to some of the concerns expressed above and because I have found that blu-ray discs with UV copies are very common now and with proper timing are usually MUCH CHEAPER than the VUDU versions alone. So here is what I do, keeping in mind that I am not in a big hurry to have any particular title...
You are incredibly correct sir!No, there is no one. He is completely nonpareil in the annoying bitch niche.
One of my all-time favorite movies, period.Low budget for sure, but with a great meaningful story, outstanding acting, and a heart as big as Texas. Very wistful, so those under age 35 - 40 may not appreciate it as much."Nobody, but nobody, ***ks with The King!"
Yeah, like that a lot! Will check them out further.Bought the new Death Dealer album after hearing it premiered on Metal Express Radio. Epic power metal! The Metal God would be proud.Also liking the new Red Dragon Cartel album.
Wow; he actually comes up with that garbage too? Just assumed it was written for him.Right now listening to The Glorious Dead album by The Heavy.
Picked-up one of these exact sets for free off craigslist about two years ago. Outstanding picture, and unlike my other CRT units, perfect geometry in letterbox. It is "small" enough to fit in the back of a Prius! But still heavier than you would want to carry alone. Would I buy one for $25? No, but that's because I can get them for free. I could have had another 34" Panasonic HD CRT for free last weekend, but didn't have the time or assistant / vehicle needed to get it....
Just a guess, but I'm thinking that there must be a setting in the DVD player or the TV that is causing a conflict. The TVs likely have different ways of handling the DVD input. Try messing around with the picture size options on the TV and output options on the DVD player. I would set the DVD player to 4:3 letterbox output first and go from there. Good luck!
The Glorious Dead by The Heavy One of the best albums of the last decade or so, if not ever.
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