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Upgraded from to firmware, now my normal AF mode does not work!!! The i.AF mode seems ok, but very slow. I've looked all over for a way to downgrade the firmware, but can't find a way to do it? Cleaned lens, AF window, etc... nothing blocking it. I've googled and not found anyone talking about this... help?
Thanks! I have been trying to get this working for months... It must be the registry edit, cause I have done everything else, and it works for a while, but then randomly drops. Excellent post!
I have tried .360.c for a few days, and found lots of sound synch issues in Netflix with it.. so back to .323.c... I had read many people thought this issue was fixed in .360.C, but I guess not. Anyone else see this?
What is the purpose for using Nero media server? I have all my video files in a shared folder on my network computer, and I can navigate through the files and play them fine... Why is the media server needed? Am I missing something?
After going back and forth between .355.c and .323.c several times, I can definitely still see a lip sync issue with some Netflix TV shows (Top Shot, Eureka) and .355.c. However, I checked 3 movies and they were fine? How is it that some Netflix shows have sync issues with .355.c and others do not? Is there some kind of encoding difference Netflix uses in TV vs Movies? Everything plays fine with .323.c.
I just upgraded to the .355.c firmware through the player, and I'm still having lip sync issues with TV shows on Netflix (wired connection). I'll go back to .323 and see how it compares.
I used this link- http://www.lg.com/us/support/product...oduct-profile#and this linkhttp://www.lg.com/us/support/product...oduct-profile#to download the .211 firmware- I extracted them to a usb drive, 3 files. Then plugged it in to the player as you did, and it prompted me to flash. Maybe you need all 3 files?Edit sorry, the links don't work for the files directly... you need the ...April.02.2010.zip file and the ...FW 588 100426.zip files.
Rename the files from .mts to .mt2s and it plays them fine.
Download the .211C firmware from the LG web page to a USB drive and plug it in the bd570 usb port, it automatically updates. The update is about 80 mb, so have enough room on the USB drive.I have found several mpgs in addition to VOBs that would play w/ 211 and will not with 259, and I have not seen any improvements in anything with 259, so I would recommend staying @ 211 for now.
Edit: got the .211C firmware file, flashed and all is good for playing .VOB files... I was using the same USB drive to download to on multiple computers and it was bad... DUH.
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