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Thanks, That is what I was looking for. I must have read right over that.
HDMI 1 = DirecTv (TV)HDMI 2 = PS3HDMI 3 = ComputerHDMI 4 = openHDMI 5 = openAV 1 = openAV 2 = WIIAV 3 = openAV 4 = Samsung HL61A750 LED DLPAudio 1 = WII (strapped to AV 2)Audio 2 = openI would rather just listen to Pandora during the commercials or instead of the terrible broadcaster during NFL games and would like to easily toggle the audio while continuing to see the DirecTv broadcast. On the few occasions I watch OTA I select AV 4
Yes, I have that but to get there involves about 4 steps plus all of the toggling to get to the requested selection.select on screentoggle to inputtoggle to Pandoratoggle to hide display.This is why I wanted to set up one of the Scenes, but it seems that are just preset to whatever Yamaha likes.
I couldn't see how. I had also read somewhere that there was a one click solution to change the audio input. What I am looking for is a simple was to switch over to Pandora during commercials and still see the TV video without having to select input and toggle to Pandora.
Reprogramming the Scene Functions Well I have searched this thread and read through the manual but I don't see any way to reprogram the 4 Scene selections. Is this not possible? Obviously I can change my HDMI cables to have HDMI 1 be my BR player although I am used to having HDMI1 be my Directv (which I consider TV). The main thing I would like to change is to make Pandora with DirecTV video be the NET Scene. I must be missing something unless this is not changeable.
I have a beach house and I would like to get a camera/software that has an option for still shots only. I want HD quality. My main problem is that I have to use HughesNet satellite for internet. The HughesNet has a wireless router connected to it. It is bandwidth limited and I have a limited amount of daily upload data size. I would like pan and tilt and the ability to turn on full video and remotely change the resolution. I would also like the ability to set up the...
I thought I would get at least 1 reply. last bump and i will let it go.
Any new breakthroughs on 3d? I haven't posted on the thread in over 2 years. My sammy has been working great (even after my extended warranty was done) I finally upgraded my receiver to 1.4 HDMI and was considering taking the 3D plunge. I have a Yamaha RX-673. I have a PS3 and DirecTV HR22/100. I did do some searching in this forum but did not see and recent setups. Q: what is my minimum needs to get 3D to my Sammy? Is DirecTV outputting checkerboard or is there a work...
Just bumping this thread in hopes of getting a responce
BTW I have been looking at this camera: Foscam FI9821W V2 Indoor Pan/Tilt H.264 720p Wireless IP Camera, 802.11b/g/n.
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