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I know Scott does not use the SD card but in case any one else is interested, I use a free gui partitioning tool in Windows 7 called MiniTool Partition Wizard to partition the SD card. It only takes a few minutes. It was discussed here:http://www.avsforum.com/t/1270503/new-dune-hd-max-and-hd-smart-anticipation-thread-q3-2010/8040#post_21938624Drew
I have an SD card in my Dune HD Max and export directly to it from Zappit with no problems. I have Zappiti v2.1.2735.100. Try deleting the two folders under Zappiti on your SD card and export from Zappiti again.Drew
Not sure why the Yamaha download is not working directly from your 3900 but you can download it from here on your PC:http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio..._u/?mode=model Click "Support" at the bottom of the page. The 1.18 download link and USB installation instructions are on that next page. You will need a Yamaha Easypass account. It will let you create one if you don't have one.
Mine did have a space before and after =. I tried it without the space and it works either way. You definately have to reboot after creating/editing dune_folder.txt.
Not me. Lol! The changelog that was mentioned did not have much in it. Firmware 120329_2012 Submitted by 04/22/2012 author pavlik The new version of firmware ( 120329_2012 ) for Dune HD players - Fixed formatting to NTFS, now the player is properly formats the hard drives of up to 2Tb in the NTFS file system and the computer immediately identifies them correctly. - Removed not working application ivi.ru, will continue to be added to a separate plugin....
New Dune firmware 120329_2012 was posted on http://www.mpcclub.com/forum/showthr...=28327&page=11
Nice. I may have to look into M$ Win 8.
That's awesome! Thanks for the info. I knew someone would fix that issue. I downloaded it from the rapidshare link just in case I buy another Dune for upstairs. Supposedly, my Dune HD Max does not have that issue. Also my Yamaha can decode 7.1. FYI, the dune.do.am... link on the mpcclub forum was detected by Malwarebytes as a suspicious link and blocked it. Drew
If I had more than one Dune, I would definately keep them on my unRAID server so that Zappiti would only have to export them to one location. The nice thing about exporting Zappiti to my unRAID server was the export was much faster. The down side is I have heard others complain that if the servers hard drive spins down where the jukebox files are exported, there is a delay opening your jukebox software on the Dune. Last week I tried exporting Zappiti and yaDIS to my...
Same here. I did the exact same thing as Damian, the only difference is my server is unRAID. Almost all of my movies are blu-ray iso's. I would check your Dune network settings under Setup, Miscellaneous, System. The settings that work best for me are to Enable everything EXCEPT for Experimental 1 Gbit Ethernet support. Set that to Disabled. You can check your streaming speed on the Dune by going under Sources, select your media server. Highlight one of your blu-ray...
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