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Test....No entries on my PC since the 3rd. of December!
There is no mention of Replay TV? I switched to TIVO serveral years ago when there was a death nell, but I see there is still a somewhat active trade on eBay.
Make it 11.....I just pulled the trigger. And me with a third PAL DVTR in reserve. Guess I just believe in reduntan:)tancy!
Channel 8, our local NBC in the Tampa Bay Area, had been showing up in the Guide as "No Information" for over 10 days. In the last few days, a new channel has shown up as "000-00 No Info" in the Guide with the same programming as NBC. This channel refuses to be deleted and the time slots do not always line up with the No Information slots as shown on the Channel 8guide. Neither Channel 8 nor the 000-00 yield any progam information when highlighted. This has occured on...
Isn't it funny that Dish has now adoped a rental unit that seemingly records only commercial broadcast off their sky system for replay into a household and promotes it as HD! Of course, I am referring to the Hopper with the Joeys as substations. At least they have better control over the time and tv guide data.
See eBay listing 250842208654 for 5 day listing.
After living with my Pal for a year and a half, my grid of local stations is FINALLY showing all of the local programing! I have always had the brief description (not nearly as complete as found on the old Sony HDD 250 PVR) for all of my local major broadcast stations, but the other local minor stations always showed NO INFORMATION when it came to a description of what each program was about. Now, it is all there! Am I to believe that TVGOS is finally getting their act...
Having been on this forum for last year with the hope that things would inprove and you would not need to be a technician to keep this product working, but my viewing needs are now happily met with a Dish Pal DVR. This fully functioning Sony with a full grid (Tampa Bay area) was set aside last summer to be used as a backup for the Pal. Since we have two Pals now, a third has been purchased as backup and the Sony is excess. Will sell with good remote and any cables I can...
Just checked the first post to see if anyone had reported this problem: When watching a program being recorded or even watching another program while No. 1 is being recorded, the playback will suddenly stop at the top of the hour as the recorded program ceases. To resume playback, it may be a matter of calling up the program being watched and hit "resume" or as happened yesterday, the Pal PVR needs to be unplugged to reboot, the call up and resume, as the result of a...
Opppppps............Turned out my problem was the IR blaster signal from my TIVO that triggers DISH Satellite Reciver for channel change was reflecting off of painted white panel on opposite closet wall in home theater and stopping playback of DTVPalDVR! Who would have thought...! Anyway, unit continues to operate faithfully and pleased with both OTA DVRs.
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