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Hooked up the Cleanbox Pro. Instant problem solver. Eyes are now distorting from too much bass. So much better. Now I can actually enjoy my system and tweak individual speakers without worrying about killing all the bass.
Yes, it *should* be, which is the whole problem lol I'll try to measure the signal.\ EDIT: If the Cleanbox isn't needed, I can send it back. Amazon Prime FTW.
I'm running two ATM. The real problem isn't so much the actual output (at least, not any longer) but the speakers, even when the levels are all the way down, just overpower the subs, even when I'm giving them as much signal as I can.
Done.It's getting decent sound now, but nothing mind-blowing.I've used these cables for other things (like connecting Korg music equipment to a mixer) and they were okay. I don't *think* it's the cables, but I won't rule it out.Maybe I need more power.
The problem is that I have to turn all the other speakers down so much to get any sound out of the subs that turning it up just causes clipping on the Behringer. I'd like to be able to have some kind of individual level adjustment on the speakers, but as it is, they all have to be turned way down to get a decent signal to the subs.If I turn the level on the SW down (from the receiver), it doesn't produce much sound. Two of these should have the house shaking with minimal...
Well, I turned down all the other speakers' levels to -10, and cranked everything else up and definitely got more volume, but the EP showed red light clipping at anything approaching "loud." I went ahead and ordered the CleanboxPro. Cable is a monoprice RCA -> XLR.
Even with the SW level at ten and the gain all on EP all the way up, I get barely anything. And by barely, I mean I have to put my ear to the port to hear anything at all. I heard some noise running the YPAO program, but anything else is almost nothing. The cable from the receiver to the EP is 18".I've followed everything in this thread. Dip switches are 1,3,4,5,8,10 left, the rest right.I'll try snipping a jumper if necessary after I get some signal.
So, I'm having the same issue, except the buzzing (only occurs when I crank the gain up on the EP4000 to ridiculous levels, so I'm not worried about it being a ground loop). I set the switches as recommended in this thread, but still get hardly any signal at all. So, what's the best signal booster? I found a couple, but the FR isn't amazing. If there are subsonic frequencies, I want to feel them, as the subs are capable of producing them. Am I screwed here? Receiver...
EDIT: All good now. Not sure what the problem was. Just unplugged everything and plugged it back in, restarted amp and yamaha and it worked just fine. All this after struggling with multiple configurations all afternoon.
The actual viewing area is much smaller than that. I just included the total dimensions of the room because there's no way to enclose the theater. As long as it's plainly audible in the viewing area, that's all I care about.
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