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I see, thanks for that clarification. If Smart Cutter does re-encode, it must only be a few frames, because I've watched an edited HD show and it's the same quality as the original. I can tell that it is just doing direct stream copy, because it resaves with just the commercials cut out, and it does it very quickly. It does pause for a second at each join point, but it literally is one second - I guess that's as long as it takes on my main PC to re-encode the frames it...
I found the software I am going to settle on. It's FameRing's Smart Cutter. Cuts both 1080 and lower res captures from the Hauppauge card. I tested the trial version with a number of captures of different resolutions and it seems like it does a great job. Had no audio sync issues and obviously it doesn't re-encode. Frame accurate, so I don't end up with bits of commercials where the video is spliced out. At $50, it's cheaper than alternative products, and is easy to...
It just doesn't seem to work very smoothly, and the interface isn't as good as others that I've used. So I am not dropping $100 on a product that isn't as good as what I've used before, software is supposed to get better, not worse. I'm still searching for the product that's going to do it for me. I thought AVS video remaker was going to be the one and it did edit without re-encoding, but the video/audio sync issues were horrific.
Ok. So after pretty extensive testing, I've come to the conclusion that the Colossus does as good of a job (or actually, a bit better) of capturing the video in lower resolutions on the fly (providing you hit the right capture settings) than if you capture in 1080i and then use Video ReDo to re-encode it. I settled on 720x480 at 1.2Mbps for the stuff that I don't want to retain a HD copy of. I guess there may be a chance that a more expensive program might do a better...
I see they do a free trial download. I'll give it a spin. I thought it allowed you to edit, but not re-encode to lower resolutions. Seems like it does both.
Ok so I've had a look at GUI based software but I am not paying $600 for Sony Vegas. Is there a reasonably inexpensive application for Windows 7 x64 that will simply allow me to frame-accurate edit, resave, and encode with AVC?
Thanks for that. I'm willing to put plenty of CPU time into it (and to a certain extent, money for software) to achieve significantly better results, if anyone has any suggestions on what good transcoding software would be. So basically capture in 1080i and software re-encode with multiple passes. It's kind of what I have done before with other stuff using Xvid (albeit not from a HD source), so I guess my new procedure should include x264 instead?
Anyone got any comment on this question please?
Ok great, thanks Kelson. I was looking at a couple of downloaded mp4 and even some AVI files, and they are 640x400 (ish) and the bitrates are 1Mbit/sec or less ... but still look pretty good on the TV, and are 165-175MB for a 21 minute show or 320-350MB for a 42 minute show. How do they get such good PQ with such a low bitrate? Do they capture in HD then use better software to re-encode (maybe 2 or 3 pass) to get the quality so good? I tried with 1.2Mbit and could not...
Yeah I want to be able to time shift but still archive off HD material. Does anyone have any suggestions about what bitrate to use at say, 640x400? (for less important material). I am wondering if there is a sweet spot. I just installed the Colossus this evening, it was a breeze. Had a quick play with Arcsoft for capturing, about to do a few more tests now.
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