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Is anyone who has the colossus able to answer the above question for me?
Another question:For material that I want to archive and for which lower filesize is more important than retaining HD resolutions (read: the wife's cooking shows ), is it possible with the Colossus [and accompanying software] to capture directly (from 1080i input via component) in resolutions like 720x400? So that I can just remove ads without re-encoding, and retain DivX-type resolution/quality but with much lower filesizes than HD?Or is that exactly what was meant by:
Yeah that's the plan, to capture from the DVR using component and transcode in one shot to the final file format. I need to open up the PC and make sure there's a PCI-E slot free that isn't right next to the video card, before I order the Colossus. Thanks for the assistance so far guys. So: Capture from DVR > Colossus via component Save as .m2ts Use Video ReDo H.264 to edit (which will not re-encode) and re-save, again as .m2ts Play on WD TV Live Saw that Video Redo...
I see. I guess I hadn't really looked at what kind of disk space is used by the .m2ts file format.I have noticed that the WD TV Live box plays pretty much anything, but I haven't had many .m2ts or .mkv files to try with it.
As the thread title suggests, it's from a Motorola 3400 DVR. I have HD recordings on there that I'd like to archive.
Thanks guys. To be honest after 10 days of no replies I thought the thread had died, and for some reason I got no notifications when the replies came. I will probably go for the colossus using the AV adapter cable. Anyone any comments on the software that's bundled? Or what to use to transcode the output from the colossus to high quality Xvid?
Hi all, not been in here for a while. I have been using a video converter (component in, s-vid out) and Magnavox DVD recorder for a while to record some shows off the cable box to MPEG2 (DVD). Now we have a couple of WD TV Live media players and I have a networked PC storing/serving up video, I am converting a lot of MPEG2 material to Xvid to save on space. MPEG2 stuff that originally came from DVD looks great after conversion. But the stuff that came from cable >...
I briefly had an Ambery but didn't find it to be in any way superior in picture quality to my Lenkeng unit. Some suggested that 'it must be faulty' since they figured that this was not possible for it to output a lower quality than any Lenkeng device. I maintain that if the unit was faulty I would have had an unstable picture, not a very stable, low quality picture. I believe my comments on my Ambery experience are detailed earlier in this very thread.
Well that's crappy. Advertized as being able to play back DivX but can't play the most common form of DivX files available anywhere and everywhere.It's going back then.Probably get the Philips BDP3406 online instead. I've had very good results with all manner of DivX/Xvid on Philips DVD/DivX players in the past.Thanks for the response.
Has anyone got this player to play DivX files? I have many DVDRs with AVI files on that are DivX but when I put the disks in the player it loads the 'photos' page but won't play any of the files.
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