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Your link got mangled in the posting process...doesn't work.
I'm leaning towards a monoprice converter and the 513. Seems like it's the best option for me out of those available.
Thanks. I found the setting this morning in another menu. I guess I just wasn't used to the box enough yet to see what was in front of my face! I've re-setup my recordings now to start 1 minute early and finish 3 minutes late.
So it seems like the Monoprice/Lenkeng unit has mixed reviews in this thread. I wonder if it's just a difference in how picky each user is about PQ, or if there's a genuine QC issue. I am struggling to justify the cost of the Ambery converter for the small amount of archiving that I need.
Catch 22! DOH! I'm starting to wonder if any of this is worth it. I guess if the monoprice converter works ok....then that's about $300 for that and the 513. Which isn't too bad. I guess I will review the converters thread again. I notice it's still quite active so maybe there's new info I haven't seen in there.
I searched by threads and posts and couldn't find an answer to this. I guess there may be a post or two in the massive official thread but..... My DCX3400 (on Armstrong cable) cuts off the end of almost EVERY scheduled recording. Is there any way to pad/extend the end of the recordings? It asks me for live sports events if I want to extend it just in case. But not for everyday programs in the guide. It makes the PVR function virtually worthless since you watch...
The black bars most definitely were not present on component. I tried it this afternoon.But I also just realised that earlier I did say composite, and not component.
Nah PPV and HBO aren't of interest to me. So it seems that $500 is about as cheap as it gets for recording HD channels downconverted to 480i to DVDR (513 + HQ converter), given that I'm not interested in buying used equipment. If the wife can make do with archives of slightly lower quality than the native SD feed from cable > DVDR via composite, then I am just out the cost of the DVDR. Correct?
I guess I was just spoiled in the UK with my SkyHD box. Encrypted HD shows decrypted, downconverted on the fly and sent out of an analogue output at 576i for hassle-free archiving to the DVD recorder of your choice. I've learned a lot from the discusions in this thread, but I just balk at how hard and costly it has to be to do the same thing on this side of the pond.
Ok good. I don't know why I'd pay $500 for a DVD recorder plus high quality video converter, if I can spend the same or less on an HTPC that I could capture, convert and burn on using software. It's looking like a DVD recorder is not the way forward for me. Although now that you mention about the cablecard and HTPC thing, I guess I should look into that too, then I could just get rid of the cable box.
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