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FYI- Would love to get this come Jan 2013.. Cozi TV will join the crowded digital subchannel world that includes fellow classic TV stations like Antenna TV, MeTV, THIStv, Bounce TV and RTV. Stay tuned for the official announcement and full details, like an actual schedule, as soon as it is announced. Much more to come, so get "cozi" and comfortable! Read more: http://blog.sitcomsonline.com/2012/10/new-classic-tv-digital-station-cozi-tv.html#ixzz29kBxOiTB
I receive my channels over the air using a Tivo for DVR. Has anyone in the Wisnton Salem/Greensboro area noticed that WLXI now says needs cable card to receive channel or something like that... Just wondering,,thanks rhw
I am in the process of combining two DB8 antennas, using a backwards splitter. Having great luck picking up locales in Winston Salem, NC (around 85-100%) but no so much luck picking up out of town channels. The weird thing is that I seem to pick up these other channels from Charlotte, NC when one of the antennas is pointing in the opposite direction, getting signal from back of antenna, usually get about a 60% signal. I have both antennas on the same mast. and are using...
I received my new channels this evening as promised. Hope they are not going to be freezing like some of the others. King, NC * HBO Signature HD - Channel 452 (requires subscription to HBO) * HBO Family HD - Channel 453 (requires subscription to HBO) * HBO Comedy HD - Channel 454 (requires subscription to HBO) * HBO Zone HD - Channel 455 (requires subscription to HBO) * HBO Latino HD - Channel 456 (requires subscription to HBO) * Showtime Too HD - Channel...
Hey all, I have the navigator and also the 8240HDC box. My question is will this new navigator support adding an external drive? Also if anyone is using an extra drive what kind will work with the 8240. THANKS for any help. Rod
Does anyone know how you can search for shows on this DVR without using the program guide? Like with Tv. Just type in the show ans a way you go kind of thing? Thanks Rhw
Just joined Today. I recently got rid of my Dishnetwork and bought a Tivo series 3 which works great with just OTA. I currently have a 32 element radio shack antenna which pulls in most of the channels from Winston and vey close surrounding areas. My questions is: First is there any other people that live in my area with OTA? And does anyone think it's possible to get more channels that are around Charlotte area, maybe some in Va? I know I need a better antenna, I have...
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