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Will the New AVS Forum destroy my privacy by linking me to others/social networks or otherwise publish my identity?
I've read that the brightness of these lamps diminishes the fastest in the first several hundred hours of use, so your experience is very insightful. It would help me to correlate your experience with my design if I knew a bit more about your setup: screen gain, screen size, throw distance and lamp & iris settings. I'm assuming that your HT is not a bat cave environment. Thanks for the input.
I'm really sold on the image quality of the 11S2, but I'm a little concerned about the brightness. There will be times when I will want a little ambient light (think
I am interested to know what VP-11S2 owners think of the PJ now that you (presumedly) have a few hundred additional viewing hours of experience since your 2008 postings to AVS Forum. Of particular interest are your comments to the effects that an aging bulb has had on brightness, contrast ratios and color. Other effects of aging are also welcome (but not your personal stuff ). I'm in the market for a VP (my first) and the 11S2 is on top of a very short list. My...
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