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A follow up on WNYB 26.1,2 Jamestown NY. This station reversed the HD/SD order and has the HD channel as 26.2. They were doing some odd scaling stretching the SD channel to 16:9. When these channels were displayed on the R3310, unit just froze and then rebooted. These channels now appear normally with the SD channel 4:3 and the HD channel 16:9. The unit no longer reboots when on these channels. CBC Toronto still an issue with newer firmware. Only works with v1.5.4.
I updated from fw 1.5.4 to 1.8.4 and can't say that I'm very impressed. I did a rescan of OTA channels and it seemed to find everything, however, like v1.6.8, v1.8.0, v1.8.2 Toronto CBC English and French appear black with signal strength as red circle with x. v1.5.4 these channels are fine with 5 bars signal. Jamestown NY WNYB TCT network 26.1 & 2 shows for a second and then the unit reboots same as previous versions. One improvement, enter channel frequency and you...
I see TVIX has released new firmware for many of their models including the R3310 :-) Anyone tried yet? I've downloaded v1.8.4 but won't have a chance to try for a couple of weeks. Hopefully it fixes all the glitches and doesn't create any new ones.
Anyone have any news on a firmware update for the R3310?
Let's not bash the R3310 too bad. I use mine all the time to record OTA HD programs. I manually set the clock 10 seconds slow so that the proper EPG info goes into the file name. Using firmware v1.5.4 I do back to back recordings, same or different channel with no problems. I only record from channels that have full indicated signal strength as the recording will stop if signal is lost. There are the few annoying issues that I'm surprised were not fixed, but overall...
I've posted on TVIX MyQ&A Forum several times for all firmwares after v1.5.4. They either mark answered with no answer, or we'll look into it. I don't see this form of communication working if they never give answers. Firmwares after v1.5.4 offered new features, never fixed old bugs and introduced new ones. I'm very surprised v1.8.2 was a public release. A lot of nice features but very unstable. They reintroduced tuner issues that were previously corrected. I don't...
Anyone know if there is any firmware updates coming up for the R3310. I've had it for a year now with the best functioning firmware being v1.5.4. I think its time they fixed some of the bugs.
I'm using firmware v1.5.4 and have DVD's on both the internal hard disk and a network drive. Use Normal for DVD smart navigation. When you select, select Video_TS folder and then Video_TS.ifo file. Never have any problems, file works just like the original DVD. If your display is getting stuck with 0000, try pressing right arrow so it fast forwards 2x and then wait up to 30 sec. It might start playing normal. I have that problem sometimes on HD recordings.
I have other tuner related issues with firmware v1.8.2 and use v1.5.4. I do back to back recordings all the time with no issues. One recording stops and a few seconds later the next starts. Do same channel and different channels with no issue. It's been 10 months since I purchased the unit and it works pretty well. A little disappointed that the firmware they've released since has been so buggy. I expected better.
Read the TVIX R3310 thread. I've been using one for about 9 months to record OTA HD programming. So far it pretty much does what it is supposed to do. They could make it better with firmware upgrades, but it works and doesn't miss recordings. For the guide you get what is broadcast with the channel, nothing fancy. Its early in ATSC broadcasting so I can only think things will get better. I have some channels with a full 7 day guide and some with nothing at all. One...
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