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Hi, Do you have just a tiny bit of skills and are you ready to try fixing it yourself, or do you really want to waste your money in an audio repair shop? Because if you are willing, I'll tell you all that you need to know about getting it back to shape, of course, unless you need to replace parts, which I highly doubt. Let me know soon. Bob
No, I did not, I took them about an hour and a half ago. I'm doing very good, thank you very much. My Emotions are flying high just fine.
SACD maximum number of channels is 5.1, and even then the .1 is rarely fully utilised. The Pioneer 03 will do like any other receiver in handling the different audio formats. It's a question of selecting the right audio settings and in the player (DVD or Blu-Ray or SACD or CD or DVD-Audio or Dolby Digital or DTS or Dolby Digital TrueHD Dolby Digital Plus or DTS-HD ma or DTS-HD HR Audio or DTS Neo6 or Dolby Pro Logic IIx or DTS 96/24 or LPCM or MPEG or MP3 or any...
Well, when I type it, I didn't realise the true meaning of it all. And I always read my posts after I post them, to correct my spelling and other things of that sort, you know make sure that everything is in his proper place and that it does sound right, just like a consciencious editor does. Anyway after re-reading it, I found the idea fabulous and I wanted to share that joy with all, including myself. Anything wrong with that? Cheers, Bob Note: Also by the time I...
Your PS3 is set for bitstream for the digital optical output for the DVDs, and set for LPCM for the HDMI digital audio output. When the DVD plays, the digital optical output is taking over for the audio. And the picture is upconverted through the HDMI output. DVDs and Blu-Rays used two different routes for their audio, but used the same for the video. Bob
Mmm...Now that's interesting.
Mmm... seven monoblocks Emotiva XPA-1 cost $7,000. That's 7 channels at 500 watts into 8ohms and 1 kilowatt into 4ohms. The Denon POA-A1HDci cost $7,500 and have 10 channels at 150 watts in 8ohms and 300 watts in 4ohms. What you guys think? Bob P.S. Phantomas, get the Pioneer Elite SC-05, or even the SC-07. They are both at a very attractive discount, respectively $700 and $900. Cannot go wrong with that. I also saw the Yamaha RX-V2700 at only $540, that's...
First, he is talking about the VSX-01TXH. Second, the 606 cost $320. Now, how much is the 03TXH? And how much is the 01TXH? And, if you read people opinions from owners, you will find many happy campers with the 606. I am not saying that the 01 is bad, but it is more money by at least $100 if not more right now. So the best value at this time is the 606. OP!, this is for you, get the 705, its only $440, it is THEE BEST right now for that price, Period. Note: To...
The SVS PB12-NSD you meant? Which receiver are you finally getting? Bob
If you get the Onkyo TX-SR705, you get Audyssey MultEQ XT with ALFC (Automatic Low Frequency Correction) which the 706 doesn't have, and you get THX Ultra2, and you get preouts for all channels if you wish later to add external amp(s), which the Denon 1909 does not have and even the 2309. The 705 is the obvious choice and is only $440. The 705 is a much better deal 100% in my book. Cheers, Bob
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