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Have an Asus tf201 prime tablet. There isan app I have installed called Wolfgang's Vault (Concert Vault). It accesses thousands of recorded live concertsfrom their web site. Anyone know of a way to get that content to the rx-v473 wirelessly? Bob
Can anyone direct me to the best settings that were discovered for Dish Network IE regular TV viewing and Viewing Blu-ray discs?
Any settings for the 650 that are known to work well with HDTV stations and blu-ray players?
I have Comcast cable and the 6412 DVR along with a LN40a650 TV. Here.s my issue. For the output of the cable box I have it set to TV Type 16x9, DVI output 1080i, and for 4:3 override 480I. My issue is this: when I watch a HD program either from a recording on the DVR or just a station then try going to a Standard Def channel there is no color; everything just has a green hue. If I go back to the DVR output settings and change the 4:3 override to 480P then back to 480I the...
My bdp-360 that I ordered straight from Sony is on the way; what a surprise!! Just got an email 2-3 days ago saying the shipping date was delayed until 5/11/09 then got one today saying it had been shipped and will be here Tuesday.
Anyone have a recommendation based on past experience with the Sony blu-rays or current experience with the new Samsung bd-p3600? I am in no hurry just want the best one. TY
Anyone have a recommendation based on past experience with the Sony blu-rays or current experience with the new Samsung bd-p3600?
OK; so I figured out my Guide and menu issues with this DVR. If you have the Picture Resolution set on anything but 480i you MUST have it hooked up via HDMI/DVI or Component Cable to get the menu and guides to display. Therein lies my main problem. Like I said above I tried using both and any channel 61 and below that isn't digital looks crappy. Wavy lines going all through the picture. If I go to coaxial cable or the yellow video cable the picture is great but unless I...
First things first; Comcast is my cable provider and they as yet have to HD service in our area. Don't suggest Dish as we have too many trees. I had their regular black Motorola box but changed to their DVR service and got the DCT6412. No issues with the picture on the original cable box whatsoever; clear and crisp. I first tried hooking up the DVR to my TV with a new Phillips DVI/HDMI cable. Anything above 61 had a good picture but 61 and below lines running through it....
Samsung Support directed me to their parts site where the Wireless Dongle is listed. It however is on nationwide back order and says it MAY be available in 4 weeks. The price is not for the faint of heart; a whipping $82. Has anyone found another wireless dongle that works with this for less? http://www.samsungparts.com/part_det...&search_model=
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