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Whomever edited the Cozi TV Wikipedia entry put this info under "owner" for WIYC:Enterprise Capital Group(operated by Southern Venture Capital Group pending acquisition)
WIYC appears to have affiliated with Cozi TV. An April 18th edit to the WIYC and Cozi TV Wikipedia pages were made to reflect this. The cozitv.com page seems to verify the information, as it has WIYC on the listings page. Interestingly, it lists a 48-1 and 48-2 channel. WIYC is currently only broadcasting 48-1. The listings also only contain "Weather Nation Programming" at this time (even though infomercials are all I'm seeing broadcast), so the change appears to be a...
WAKA's weather feed was moved to 22.3 and 32.3. Although right now I'm getting no signal from 22. Not even a peep.
Anyone else having short drop-outs on WAIQ over-the-air tonight?
I still download Doctor Who. The ones they air on SyFy and BBC-A have had some of my favorite bits cut in order to fit a standard US runtime.
I've been keeping an eye on 12-2 this evening. So far, no RTV. They've been showing the repeat of the news, Oprah, and now Storm Stories. All of this is consistent with the programming they've been showing on 12-2 when not showing Doppler 12 Storm Vision Weather. It seems like they may have just replaced the Weather blocks of programming with RetroTV, which is fine by me. I guess we'll know for sure at 10pm when the weather programming would normally start.
Whatever they are doing at WIYC is crashing MythTV when I try to tune it there. That's a full stop for me since all of our TV viewing is done through Myth. VLC is more tolerant and plays it just fine. Here's an export from TSReader Lite of their current setup, if anyone is interested.  
Some small progress at WIYC. They've set the video to 4:2:0, but it's still DVB. The test pattern is gone and they are transmitting music videos. I'd do another capture, but they seem to be making lots of changes right now. The signal keeps vanishing for 5-30 seconds at a time before returning. I'll check again this evening.
Here are the exported results for WIYC from TSReader Lite, for anyone who'd like to interpret them.  
Thanks, I'll give that a try tomorrow and let you know what I find.
New Posts  All Forums: