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Quote: Originally Posted by Andrew K About 90% of the time I get analog channel 13 CKCO from Kitchener Ontario. It's not watchable, but I usually get a clear audio. Anyone else picking this one up? I often get this, along with 40, 51, and sometimes 69 from London; occasionally 6 (video only - audio gets clobbered by an FM station), 9, 18.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bismarck440 Unless I'm reading it wrong the null looks to be more to the east now rather than northeast. Looks to me the null is slightly west of north and pretty wide, with the deepest part (0.05) between 140 and 220 un-rotated, but it is then rotated 170-deg, so that works out to between 310-deg and 30-deg. Somewhat similar to WOIO, WKYC, and WVIZ.
Probably next summer at the earliest, if this application gets approved (the FCC takes their time on these applications, and tower work can't be done in winter weather). Hopefully they can find enough duct tape to hold their analog transmitter together until then.
They couldn't, because they would have been short-spaced to adjacent-channel WFMJ RF20 in Youngstown. Also, there is a digital RF-19 in London ON (SUN-TV) - not nearly as strong as CFPL, but I did pick it up once late at night. Hopefully when CFPL flashes to digital later this month, that will help - they will be putting no more that around 7kW or so towards the Cleveland area with the new digital pattern as opposed to the 325 kw ND analog signal now.
If it were up to me, I would put Weather Now on 43.3 (and Bounce on 43.4). Since WUAB has so little HD content, they probably won't miss the bandwidth (and it's 720p anyway). After all, WEAO can get away with a 720p main channel and 3 other SD subs, and most of them don't look too terrible.
Yep, excellent channel - their programming and even their promos are very reminiscent of TV Land when they first started.
Their current analog is 325 kW non-directional, IIRC.
Also would be nice if WOIO could time their local commercial insertions right for MeTV - they often cut right smack in the middle of programming with local ads instead of just covering other network ads like WJW does for AntennaTV and WUAB does for ThisTV. Even lowly 35/29 RTV doesn't mistime breaks like this.
Could be CFPL (an analog channel in London ON Canada also operating on RF channel 10) killing off WOIO in Euclid (I get analogs from Canada just about every night during the summer). It might get better in a month or so when the skip over the lake subsides. EDIT: It may get better sooner if this is the cause - don't all Canadian analogs shut down this month? The pattern for CFPL digital on RF 10 shown in the FCC database is directional with a null to the south, apparently...
MeTV is live on 19.2 as of just before noon.
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