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Speaking of RTV, any idea when 35 goes digital? Or is it being held up by the FCC or Canada? Their analog PQ has been especially horrendous the last few days.
Does anyone know what's going on with WEAO? They have been off the air for a day at least.
Knowing Raycom, their encoder is probably cheap or old. Also, WKYC's fairly static weather radar image probably uses eats up less bandwidth than WOIO's weather sub. WKYC also looked like crap when back when they had the Weather Plus sub (and even earlier with an SD mirror and a weather radar).
Well, hopefully they are going to ditch the weather channel, otherwise CBS football is going to look really great this fall with 2 subs (assuming there is any football).
Yep, they already have the worst HD PQ in the market (other than maybe WVIZ with their 4 subs). They used to have the best before they added the weather sub. Why not put MeTV on 43.3? (and put the weather channel on 43.4 while they're at it) and steal the bandwidth from MyNet, which no one watches anyway. Plus MyNet is 720p (vs. 1080i CBS), so it can tolerate reduced bandwidth better. Quote: Originally Posted by Mike_Stuewe So channel 19 can...
3.2 is fine for me.
23's been the same as usual here (Medina Co.) over the last week - weak/marginal, but OK with the antenna pointed straight towards Akron.Don't know about 17, since I never watch / deleted from my channel lineup.
WAX CH 35 / RTV has been off the air for more than a day and a half - wonder if they're converting to digital? Or did their $1.98 transmitter just break down
Looks like a de-interlacing problem (since it looks fine with no motion), probably WJW's encoder is not set up correctly for an interlaced source (I assume Antenna TV is 480i), and Fox has always been progressive format. This would be my guess, anyway. I'm sure they'll have bugs like this worked out soon.
Now running continuous promos for Antenna TV shows on 8-2 as of a few minutes ago.
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