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He is looking to buy a projector, screen, and any neccesary hardware to attach it, hook it all up, etc. Would be mounting it on the ceiling. He is wanting to keep the budget in the ballpark of $2000-3000. I apologize i reread and you are right, its implied but not really spelled out. I will update the original thread.
Seriously? Nobody has anything to comment? Could someone maybe at least direct me to a couple websites or articles so i can start doing some basic research on what he may or may not need regarding projectors, screens. etc
Hi guys, long time forum member here, doing some research (quasi for myself since i will use it, but ultimately for my roommate). Edit: I'm sorry i didnt detail the actual question. We are looking for a projecter, screen, and any hardware neccesary for a new home my roommate is purchasing. He would like to keep the budget between 2000 and 3000 USD for everything (screen, proj, etc). Overall image quality is of topmost concern. Black levels are important, 1080p is...
From the email i got from them my understanding was not that they canned them all together, they'll still make them for you, but they would be custom made. The email basically stated they wanted to focus on having a more tight/controlled product line so they could keep the subs in stock rather than having to build/ship as ordered. A lot of people on these forums complain that eD's biggest problem is having to wait 3+ weeks for your sub once you order it. So, instead...
Ok, then looks like i'll hafta start saving now. What i was kinda wondering is if i were to get with eD and see what they would charge to make a couple of A7-350's or 450's without the amps and then i could use a pro amp to power the pair. But, it seems like the captivator is the best bang/buck right now for an ID sub without a built in amp?
How would that JTR Cap compare to something like the eD a7-450 (not the sealed 18, the big underhung one that weighs 300lbs). Right now i have a single Hsu VTF-15H, and although its great, i just find myself wanting more. I'd love to do a DIY based around a couple LMS-5400 or those new drivers that just came out, but on the same token there is something to be said from having a great finish, a warranty, etc by buying from the ID guys.
Hey guys, i havent been following the forums as dilligently as id like the past few months and was just curious if anyone knew if any of the major ID players had any new subs in the works? I know SVS supposedly had a SB16 ultra on the pipeline, and potentially a PB16ultra. Would really love something like the Epik Conquest to come out again. Anyways was just curious.
Hey guys, since the fall of the maelstrom's and such i've been trying to follow the DIY scene to see which drivers are worth using in a DIY setup. I've been keeping my eye on the AV series from AE speakers after having read his thread on why they arent currently available and the build quality etc. So, i do ultimately want to stick with that driver when the time comes. What i was curious is if anyone has heard anything new on them? Also, if i end up doing...
You know, one thing i would like to bring out. With the level of house and equipment he is looking at, having a nice finish on his subs would be something to consider. I know all the DIY'ers are gonna tell you to DIY, and yes, bang for buck it can't be beat. But, there are options in the ID sub department which i think would be good options as well. If he is going from 2x VTF-10's in a 600sq ft room, then something like 2x Submersives would probably be more than...
Right now i'm leaning towards 2 enclosures, each with 1x AV15H, sealed, and one EP4000 with 1 channel operating each sub. IF that does the trick then i might add 2 more of those cabinets and a second EP4000 down the road.
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