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I've had a look at the Sony 4k. It looks nice, but it's still just an LCD. The 4k aspect is lost outside of about 12 inches. That and the dearth of content rounds UHD down to regular old HD. And then you're watching an HD LCD. Tech is still too new IMO.
He said over £2,000, which comes out to a lot of crumpets (~$3,400). That's for the 60" model.
The ZT gets about as black as a TV can get but pictures like that don't do you much good. It's a processed image viewed on a computer monitor or TV screen that in all likelihood can't get as dark as what the picture demands. Get the ZT if you can afford it & can sell the VT50. It's better in the dark but You're most of the way there already. IMO it's not worth losing money on the old TV & paying full price on the new one.
Terry Bradshaw & Dick Vitale just love it.
Since there's just one new plasma from Samsung, and it's a low-end model, I'm not sure if any plasmas deserve to be on the list. Still, sad for plasma as it goes the way of the dodo.
I set mine to go off after 4 hours when I was running slides so I could get some slide time when I was sleeping but to minimize the electric bill.
Netflix can't do 1080p properly, why would I expect them to deliver on 4k? And then there's the whole bandwidth thing. And what about throttling? Every move Netflix makes is aimed specifically to increase the price of Netflix stock. Customers are an afterthought. I was a long time Netflix fanboy, but they can go the way of the dodo for all I care.
That's a can of worms we probably don't want to get into here.
No problemo. Yep, that's me. I love that movie. It's one of those titles I could watch once a week. I rarely buy Blu-rays until the price drops but that's one I'd buy day one, though it's bound to be a bit fuzzy having been shot in the early 70s. Still, it would look great on the ZT60.I saw that announced but didn't know when or on what channel. Also, I wanted to see how well it translated with an update. Carl Sagan leaves some pretty big shoes to fill but I think...
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New Posts  All Forums: