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No, Joe. I never notified them that it didn't work for me. I never had time. They corrected the issue so fast that there wasn't a need to sync with their site.
The people at zap2it were great. I contacted them and they responded immediately, then changed their channel line up within 24 hours. By the next day, I got an update from Tivo. Still haven't been able to sync my TiVo to their site. Keep getting an error when I log on to the TiVo site. Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
I appreciate the links. Zap2it is still wrong...mostly, although they have one of the channels updated. Tivo wants you to do their work for them and itemize all the affected channels and tell them exactly what is different. You got to fill out all this information but the instructions they post for finding the information is in a pop-up box that won't expand and blocks off the location of where to find the information. More problems than what it's worth (to me). But I...
Comcast, Del. County Penna. just had a channel line up change. How long does it usually take before Tivo updates the channel line up? Of course the some of the channels that are affected are the ones that I record.
We must have been doing the same thing because that's exactly what happened to me, too... including the scratching of the head part about why the hell internet connection would effect the ability to delete a show. I just waited until the time elapsed then deleted it, but the message was there for over an hour. CHI_GUY... I don't mind the new item at the bottom of the list, but the "What to Watch Now" item is something I now have to skip over constantly to get to...
I'm not too pleased that TiVo has opted to put their new category "What to Watch Now" in the top three selections of the main menu. Is there any way to eliminate the new category or at least re-arrange those choices?
It's interesting that the price doubled since this morning when he said it would only be 5 billion. Even 10 is still a lot less than they're planning on spending for the slowest high speed line in the world.And at 700 mph, you wouldn't have a lot of time to watch anything... Just sayin'
I've had the --:-- on the internal clock a couple of times. I unplugged it and plugged it back in after a minute. Sometimes it came back...sometimes not. If not, I just recycled the power again. Once it took 4 or 5 times to get it...but it eventually got it.
Skytop had a great golf course last time I was there...especially if you like really hilly courses. There are also about half a dozen courses withing 20 miles of Skytop if you have the time. Usually this time of year, you'll find more wild life on the courses than golfers. That area gets very crowded around October when they actually start bussing people in to watch the leaves change colors... I thought it was a joke at first, but it's not. It is actually very...
I like the two scenarios better than the original question. Made me think...and it hurt a little. The answer to the original question would be probably not. Now that I have the Tivo, there are certain things I like more about it, especially the season pass and two tuners not to mention significantly more stable. But if Rovi changed their mind at the last minute and decided not to kill TVGOS, I definitely would not have gotten the Tivo. The interesting thing to me was...
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