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Dallows, I know its not a popular view but I'm in agreement with the dynamic contrast. In movie mode, dynamic contrast set to low gives me blacker blacks and removes some of the "Hazy" look. Lately,I've even been using Dynamic mode for viewing and I'm finding I'm actually a little bit happier with the results. Here's my settings for dynamic mode: Color temp-normal Contrast - 66 Brightness-43 Sharp - 20 Color - 47 Tint - 50 Cell -10 Black level normal Nothing...
Yes..the pics and music work...no video though Oh well, we cant have it all ! but I'll take what we got.
I can tell you this, I have had 5 different plasma panels this year (Still have 2 of them) . Each and every one has some flaws like you are describing. Even my Panasonic 58" PZ800U had some pink hue issues. None are perfect so dont kill yourself looking for things cause you will find them. Generally, I am extremely happy with the 50B450 that I own.
That article is refering to the plasma panel itself which is made up of 2 sheets of glass. What I am reffering to is the outside glass panel that you can touch. I've looked and really can't find a difinitive answer.
This may sound like a stupid question but can anyone tell me what the reason is for the outer panel of glass on plasmas? Is it strictly for anti-glare and protecting the panel itself? I had a friend who cracked his outer glass so he removed it entirely and said the sceen looks much clearer and sharper now.
Nevermind, the 50B450 doesn't even have a USB input. LoL
Has anyone tried changing the service menu to a model that allows playback of video files from the usb drive?
I have the 50B450
I did it and it gave me the cinema smooth option. However, when enabled, I'm not sure that it works. I'd need a good scene on a bluray (I only have the spiderman trilogy) to test it out. Anyone know a scene to test for cadence? The rest of my HD movies are streamed from my computer through the PS3 and cinema smooth is greyed out when playing those.
Take it back or get it replaced under warranty. I have a Vizio with this issue too and it is caused by incorrect voltages coming from potentiometers on the video boards. I found the specs on mine and adjusted the voltages so that the red pixel storm only happens for 5 minutes when I first turn it on and then goes away. the only real cure is to replace the Y sustainer and X video boards (at over $200 a pop if you do it yourself)...at least, that how it is for the Vizio.
New Posts  All Forums: