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Yes. Would rather not remove the brackets if I can find other speakers w same thread. Would like to find a deal on another pair of mini's to sell withe the rest of the 5.1 set but the ones I occasionally see are priced pretty high.
Would these Polks thread onto and fit the brackets that came with the RC minis? http://www.polkaudio.com/products/tl1
Thanks BP. What about the bracket, any other speakers work with those?
I posted a few weeks ago that I was going to sell my RC-10's and RC-Mini CC in Cherry. I'm now thinking of adding my black RC Mini surrounds and the S8.3 to make a complete 5.1 system. I have two questions I need help with. I have the brackets for the mini's mounted in a soffet and would like to use them to mount whatever replacement rears I get. Would any other brands of similar size and quality work on those brackets? Secondly, what do you guys think would be a...
I might be selling my pair of RC-10's and an RC Mini CC in the hard to find Cherry finish. In excellent condition. What would be a fair price range?
I will since I live in Louisville you could check them out first or I could hand deliver to you. I am just not sure of the timing on the new speakers.
Later this year I am planning on upgrading to some higher end speakers for 2 channel audio. I may sell my cherry RC-10's and cherry RC-Mini CC. The color is no longer available and they are in great condition. What do you guys think I could get for them?
My opinion: There is a lot in play here but I have been following Ryan and his products for some time. His speakers are universally praised at audio shows by professional reviewers not only for incredible sound(especially for the money) but also for beautiful fit and finish. And that is not just for one pair of "show" speakers but numerous versions of his entire product line in a variety of finishes. Because they are a small company building custom, made to order...
Yes it was very thin. Like someone put a perfectly straight thin chalk line right down the middle.
Not sure what is going on but the line went away after a couple of days. Is it still likely the panel is bad and will eventually die?
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