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I guess I should have spent the extra coin on a higher end panny plasma instead of the low end one. Oh well, hopefully this TV will keep me satisfied for another 5 years until I decide to upgrade it. I refuse to get an LCD unless motion blur is gone. I can deal with some of the other downfalls, but definitely not that one.
^^^You have a point.
^^^The 103 is better anyways.
True. I don't look for it tho either. I say if you can't see it during regular viewing then it's fine n dandy.
Just a note on my own experience: I haven't had any issues with IR whatsoever and I've had some pretty lengthy COD online sessions, 3 hours +.
I stand corrected. http://cnettv.cnet.com/best-hdtvs-gamers/9742-1_53-50150783.html
I personally haven't been bothered by reflections, but some may be more sensitive to it than me. Input lag is average, but to get better you have to step up to the VT series. ST series is horrible tho which is why I ended up going with this one.
^^^I think that's been there for a while now, if not the whole time...
Doesn't this TV support ARC tho? I haven't been able to get it to work either...
Is it sad that my favorite pic was all the candy? =^P
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