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Hello all, I am sorry for another thread, but I have a little unique twist (in my eye) enough to ask another silly question. 1) Do they make shallow bookshelf speakers for 200-300 or so that I could use to build a surround system? ..or, should I just shoot for a $400-500 5.1 speaker combo? If they do make smaller bookshelfs only about 6" deep (wall mounting), could anyone recommend some brands. Most bookshelf speakers talked about on here are 9-12" deep it seems....
crap, time to start a speakers under 500 thread
Ok, I have been desperately trying to simplify my TV since wall mounting. I wanted to run 1 cable to my TV since its going through a wall etc. So now my problem is I use HDMI Audio out (TV) on my Denon 591. But NONE of my analog inputs seem to play through the HDMI channel. So what am I doing wrong? I really need something to be simple for the wife/kids/babysitter. My TV is a Toshiba btw. It DOES have an analog audio IN for the HDMI channel,...
Name HTPC is dead. Pc's just connect to TVs now in the avg joes eyes. Agreed that PC on tv would be great, but you know its so he can watch his dirty old man shows on big screen right
btw got refund in full without returning crap. paypal did well on this, or, seller is monitoring account expecting a freeze if a case actually gets reviewed by a real paypal rep
yep - looks EXACTLY like that, they really went far making boxes. Open box and the dvd case print quality is low, and used recordable disks with inkjet printing on the disc. All in all - its a bootleg that would fool many unless they have seen the show on showtime in HD glory. Vs its CBS OTA butchered (no pun intended) counterpart.
Now I may be wrong, but I bought this on ebay. It looked "off". I am used to box sets esp after old holiday movie bundles, etc. So the case was slim, however, the "cover" looked very bad quality. I was angry, then I opened the disc and saw some shwotime jewelry ad. Thought it was legit. Then I look at DVD and I just see disc number, no barcode found on all dvd's. Insert into my media PC and it wont work. Throw into laptop, laptop drive recognizes it, but its a...
Hi - I am wondering for any with large 60" plasmas with a VMDD26 mount could chime in on how far the tv sticks out from the bottom of the mount. I am trying to futureproof my placement for plans to upgrade from a 42 to a 60 down the line, and would like to know ROUGHLY how high i need to mount this thing
Around 300-400. I would like to buy some decent speakers as well. But if i have to pay $75 to have Eq settings other than Bass and Trebel..
Hello, I am new to the world of surround. I have it setup upstairs and it a ROYAL pain. 3 remotes. However, it is barely used outside of football or my wife listening to radio. So, now in the basement I am looking for a 5.1 setup that has HDMI switching and component inputs with minimal loss (on component) to PQ. I plan on hooking up xbox (component), dvr - hdmi/component, ps2, ps3, wii, and maybe a nintendo 64 for the hell of it. The 700ish series onkyo...
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