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I live in Valparaiso and am having problems with receiving signals. Has there been some change that I am not aware of? Things were ok until two weekends ago and then I started to have issues. It seems that each year when the time changes in the fall these channels seem to have problems. I have a rooftop antenna. It is a Winegard CA 7082. I called WCIU on Monday 11/27 and the lady told me to rescan. That did not make any difference. I sure hope that someone knows why this...
What a crock! I do have a South Bend antenna in addition to the other antenna.
Yes I am in Indiana. I did a scan and no RF44 was added. I manually added the channel number and when I click on 44 it automatically directs the channel to 7. RF 57 not added in the scan so I manually added the number but there is no signal for it. Also when I did the scan, channel 26 was not among the added channels. I did not notice any new channels added after doing the scanning procedure.
Either channel? Is the other channel 44.1 that you are refering to? I checked today and my channel 44.1 is a Spanish speaking channel. I would love to have an alternate channel for wls 7 that carries the same programing. For instance if my channel 5 acts up I switch to 16.1. If my channel 2 acts up I switch to 22.1. Thanks for your help.
Located in Valparaiso in a house with a decent antenna.
I also am having problems with channel 7. It is so aggravating. Since the digital conversion took place, channel 7 has become my worst station and it used to be the best. Can't get Channel 26 and subs either.
Oh well, so much for watching the Golden Globe awards tonight. No signal on either channel.
Besides losing all the 26 channels, I have now lost channel 28. Channel 7 is now coming in better than usual.
I live in Valparaiso, not too far from the "downtown" area.
Hi Gilbert, Yes, I do remember you mentioning about the South Bend channel/issue. Thanks again.
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