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Nice setup take. I am looking at places and thought about a 2 bedroom for the same purpose but in my are (SW Philly suburbs) it is tough to swing a 2 bedroom on your own unless your in the ghetto. Being that I have over 5K in HT gear, I don't see myself moving to the ghetto anytime soon.
Thanks man. It may not be the best system out there, but it sure as hell gets the job done. I cannot wait till I get a dedicated space done though. Right now I am in a 12x13 room with not much room to move around with all my **** in there and right now I am in a big null so I don't get the most out of the sub yet and I still love it.I was going to go another route and do a DIY sub but I am not the best woodworker and feared I would do something wrong and have a half...
It was definitely mentioned at one point but has been a while since I heard anything about it.
That is just a bad name for a game. lol
Feel free to add me, my XBL and PSN GT's are in my sig. I only have FM5 and TF but always looking for people to get clean races on with.
What fun would that be then. ROFL
I can't really answer any of your questions since I have never used anything like that. As far as a mic goes, this is the one I use and I like it because there are slots in the ear cup that allow you to still hear your system. Not sure they make anything like this that is battery operated. Most if the battery operated ones I have seen are the nicer 7.1 headsets and that is obviously not what you are looking for. It is actually on sale for $10 off at Newegg for...
Thanks, I thought that is how it worked but wasn't sure.
Yeah, definitely too soon to tell but it makes you wonder. Game runs like crap for 6 months, DICE decides to reset their servers and games in the next couple days are smooth. Now of course all the South American, Japanese, Chinese, and any other out of territory server jumpers cause headaches that won;t be fixed with rent a servers with a ping filter.BTW, just sent you a FR on PSN.
How do you get the platinum medals to shoe...do you have to finish the game first? I forget how it worked in Trials HD and Trials Evo. Unless I am missing something I do not see anywhere where it tells me how to get platinum like it does with the other medals.
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