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Please delete...
And if you were lucky it didn't start checking and cracking on you... My Rosewood XLS's all have checking..
Creating a thread that only asks "Would you do business with Epik" Yes or No does not show the person to be attacking Epik, he is simply asking if people would do business with them.Attacking them would be creating a poll that asks "Would you do business with that schmuck good for nothing Chad at Epik" Yes or No.
I live only about 40 minutes away from Epik, I should take a trip out and check them out... I avoided them when I bought my MFW's 4 years ago because he never called me back, seems things haven't changed. Then again look what happened at AV321...
Dual MFW's rock, when they work and I would not purchase an unmodified one. I have duals, but it doesn't matter since one is dying and the others is doing its best to follow suit.
As one of the guys who went through amplifiers like candy I can tell you long term reliability is unlikely. I went through 6 amplifiers on 1 of my MFW's and 4 on the other. BOTH now make noise and will likely die the same death the previous amplifiers died. The MFW is a great sub with a poorly excecuted amplifier. I'm saving up for the Turbo upgrade for both of mine but there is no way in hell I'd buy one with an AV123 amp in it, unless it was dirt cheap.
5/21/11 and my dual MFW-15's are still pounding away. THe 4th amp for my 2nd MFW is holding up and my 2nd amp (or was it #3??) for my 1st MFW is holding up. I was in line for the Turbo upgrade but had to decline for now. I am still amazed at the output for the money spent. Crossing my fingers they hold up! I still have my V3 amp that sucks donkey nuts, don't want to get rid of it yet as I may use it for a basement 2.1 setup.
Well, it was bound to happen, my 4th (I think 4th?!?) MFW-15 V2 amp took a dumper in my 2nd MFW. I'm going to use the V2 with heat issues to replace it and keep a fan running on it when ever I have it turned on. When that one goes I'll be out of amps and looking towards the Turbo option.
Duke Nukem Forever is back on! I have been waiting for this damn game for 13 years!
New Posts  All Forums: